November 2021 Selection

November 2021 Selection

Nov 3, 2021

A selection of the finest!

This month, you will find in the selection a compilation of the best songs of the jazz singer, Sarah Vaughan, as well as a collection, in partnership with the INA, of the greatest classics interpreted by Léo Ferré. You will also find Bolivard's latest project, halfway between electronic and French song, as well as a selection of the best themes from the Avengers franchise, performed by the London Music Works orchestra. Finally, you will have the possibility to be tempted by the Folk/Country album of the French group La Maison Tellier, or to opt for the discovery with "The Heist", the album at the crossroads of Hip-Hop and LoFi resulting from a French-American collaboration.

Find more than 60 other records in the extended selection!

Sarah Vaughan - Essential Works 1944-1962


When Sarah reveals to us a restrained sensitivity and a technique superior to all others, even the greatest references of the genre cannot compete. Of course the amplitude of her voice allows her all the audacities, of course her innate sense of rhythm, melody and harmony places her at the heart of the orchestra, at the heart of the music, but whether it is in a resolutely jazz repertoire or a performance for the general public, like the cocktail gathered here, she knows above all how to reveal to us a deep sensitivity, and yet light enough to move us, just enough to remove our shell of blasé urban.

Léo Ferré - Récital à la maison de la radio (1961)

In the early 1960s, Léo Ferré left the cabarets where he sang alone at the piano for the music-hall scene. There, standing behind the microphone, his style gained in power. He continued to sing about the Paris of lovers, the popular Paris, nocturnal and marginal. "His songs sway between jazz and java", according to Yann Plougastel, and sometimes take us into a waltz like this unpublished song, written for a short film in 1949: Paris-Taxi. But it was also the period when Léo Ferré sang the poets, Apollinaire, Baudelaire, Verlaine, and here Rutebeuf and Aragon, whom he set to music as if "under dictation, and the dictation comes from elsewhere".

Bolivard - Dr Bolivard


Bolivard's first album mixes electronic music, disco and French song with lyrics between absurd humor and existential questioning. A musical psychotherapeutic session between a patient singing his woes and a curious psychiatrist prescribing music. Their dialogues introduce the funky lose anthem "La vie", the guitar riff of "Réalité", the sad "Mélancolie", the soothing "Focus" or the surrealist fable "La mort". Bolivard accompanies this album full of creative and/or comical video ideas that he shares on his YouTube channel.

London Music Works - Music From the Avengers Movies


Just like the Infinity Gauntlet gathering the best Infinity Stones, this record features the best themes from the Avengers movies. Let yourself be drawn into the universe of your favorite Marvel characters through this new release performed by the excellent London Music Works orchestra!

La Maison Tellier - La Maison Tellier


La Maison Tellier is a group of musicians who love blues and acoustic melodies. Inspired by Anglo-Saxon music, the country-folk compositions of this first album are intimate and precious ballads where it is good to take shelter on a difficult evening. In English as well as in French, the group is interested in the carnal and fleeting encounters that illuminate daily life. Between dobro and melancholy, some well-felt winks pay tribute to the Beatles, Rage Against The Machine, as well as Maupassant. Nice refuge that this shack... between high ideas and low instincts.

Retro Jungle x Good Society - The Heist


THE HEIST is a collaborative record between Los Angeles based record label Good Society and Lyon, France based label Retro Jungle records. This once in a lifetime project brings together many of our generation's most notable beat scene creators such as The Kount, Rob Araujo, Kaelin Ellis, and Louis Futon, with a cross generational touch in featuring Matt Johnson keys player of Jamiroquai. This compilation album is the only case where artists who are all actively creating a massive impact on today’s hip hop scene are being brought together to create a punchy, groovy, boom bap powerhouse.