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      Turnkey solution (mastering, pressing, distribution, shipping) to issue or reissue music on vinyl

      No investment needed,no financial risk : production is funded thanks to the community pre-orders

      Personal counselling all along the project: benefit from our expertise, from production to promotion

      Don’t need the help of the community?
      We offer direct production upon request

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      Explore our online collection and find your missing reference among thousands of new and used vinyl records

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      Save time with our pre-filled shipping costs solution available in the entire world

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      Records being produced

      Discover the ongoing projects on Diggers Factory
      and participate in the vinyl revival by supporting artists and labels in their creative process.

      Records produced

      Many artists and labels already produced their music on vinyl thanks to the community.
      Search through the successful projects and join us in the vinyl experience.

      They talk about us

      "One of the most costly and time-consuming components of music-making is the vinyl-pressing process. Diggers Factory aims to let artists press their music on vinyl at nearly any budget."
      "No more financial risk trying to release an EP! If the minimum amount of pre-orders is not reached, everyone gets a refund."
      "Gainsbourg and Ray Charles reissues, brand new distribution system with record shops. Ideas and projects are bursting, Diggers Factory is only beginning!"

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      Search through the latest references added on the Marketplace
      and find the vinyl of your favorite artist among thousands of records available.

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      You are a fan of a record that is not available or that has never been released on vinyl?
      Thanks to the Wishlist, your dream can come true! Create your Wishlist and share it with your community!

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      Our partners


      Our aim is to offer you a tailored service : 1 to 10000 vinyl copies, adjustable manufacturing time, cutting type, sleeve format etc. The list of options is almost infinite and we collaborate with over 10 factories around the world!


      Audio mastering is an essential step of vinyl music production. We collaborate with the best studios in order to deliver top-quality sound. But you're still free to choose your own partners if you prefer!


      In order to help artists and labels reaching their campaign objectives, we worked hard on developing a solid network of partners worldwide. In total, over 100 distributors and record shops have access to specific wholesale prices!

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