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Get or gift exclusive vinyl records every month, delivered anywhere you want!

From €21 / Month.

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- 1 Vinyl Record -
from our selection of 150+ records
3 months
1 free tote bag
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12 months
2 months free + 1 tote bag free
€24 / Month
- 2 Vinyl Records -
from our selection of 150+ records
3 months
1 free tote bag
6 months
1 month free + 1 tote bag free
12 months
2 months free + 1 tote bag free
From €38 / Month
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The advantages of the box
Exclusive vinyl records
All our records are handpicked and produced in limited editions by Diggers Factory in the best factories in the world.
A personalised experience
The only box that lets you choose your vinyl and the number of records you wish to receive each month from a selection of over 50 vinyl records!
A Golden Ticket and surprises every month
Every two months, one of the subscribers (drawn at random) will find in their box the famous golden ticket that will give them the right to a great gift to enjoy his vinyl collection (speakers, turntables, furniture etc) carefully selected by our team of Diggers. And expect a little surprise every month!
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Frequently Asked Questions
Vinyl Box Subscription
Who is The Vinyl Box for?

The Vinyl Box caters to both vinyl newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts! Regardless of the size of your collection, any music lover will find joy in our selection. We offer a variety of albums ranging from timeless classics to hidden gems unearthed by our team, covering all musical genres.

What is The Vinyl Box?

By subscribing to The Vinyl Box, you'll receive each month:
- One or two vinyl records, depending on your chosen plan, selected from over 100 projects featuring emerging artists and musical treasures.
- A surprise goodie.
- A Golden Ticket offering the chance to win quality audio equipment (speakers, headphones, furniture, phono cartridges, or other).

How are the records for The Vinyl Box selected?

The records are chosen by music enthusiasts for fellow enthusiasts. Each month, we select six new albums across various musical styles, blending must-have classics with lesser-known discoveries to satisfy the tastes of the most discerning listeners.

Subscription Terms
How does the Vinyl Box subscription work?

You have the choice between two plans: receiving one or two vinyl records per month. Each month, we update our selection with six new projects. If none appeal to you, no worries! You can choose from an expanded selection covering all projects selected since the inception of The Vinyl Box (subject to availability).

    Each month, subscribers have the opportunity to make their selection starting from the first day of the month. The selection period lasts until the last day of the month. It's important to note that if no choice is made during this period, the selection will be made automatically for you based on the preferences you provided during your registration.
    Your Box will be shipped between 2 and 7 days after registering your selection.
How does the renewal policy work?

Your subscription renews automatically each month for your convenience. Before each renewal, we'll contact you to give you the choice to continue or not, ensuring a transparent and respectful relationship.

      You can unsubscribe at any time. Simply log into your account on our website, go to the "My Box" section, and follow the instructions to unsubscribe.
How do I gift a gift card?

The Vinyl Box is the perfect gift for vinyl enthusiasts. We offer gift subscriptions for defined periods: 3, 6, or 12 months.

      The recipient will receive their first Box the month following the activation of their gift code. We recommend making your selection directly at the time of activation to avoid forgetting the first time. Subsequently, if accepted, reminders will be sent to you.
When will my account be debited?

Debit depends on your payment choice:
- One-time payment: complete the full payment at the time of purchase.
- Monthly payment: you'll be debited on the first day of each month.

      You can update your payment information and download your invoices anytime in the "My Box" section of your account.
What payment methods are accepted?

We accept most credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.). Transactions are secured by our partner, Stripe.

What delivery methods are available?

Choose between home delivery or pick-up at a relay point for your vinyl subscription. We deliver to mainland France and worldwide. Delivery fees for international destinations vary depending on the destination and are included in the total price.

How do I update my delivery address and other personal information?

Update your personal information in the "Edit my Profile" section of your account. For delivery address, go to "Edit my account" > "Profile" > "Address."

Can I receive delivery internationally?

We deliver worldwide, with shipping costs adjusted based on the destination.

I haven't received my box / the content is damaged or incorrect.

Check your parcel's status with the tracking number provided in the confirmation email. If necessary, contact us, and we'll verify your parcel's status and proceed with a re-shipment if needed.

I did not find the answer to my question

No problem, send us a message