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The Vinyl Box

Collectible vinyl records delivered directly to your home every month.

From € 15 per month.

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How does it works?
Fan of vinyl records but not enough time to dig the last gem?
Every month, we prepare a selection of our best projects just for you!
Choose your formula:
  • 1 vinyl record subscription
    from 15€ (excluding transport costs).
  • 2 vinyl records subscription
    from 25€ (excluding transport costs).
Select your records:
  • Tell us your musical tastes, and we take care of making the selection for you.
  • You choose from our monthly selection of 6 vinyl records.
Choose the duration of your subscription:
  • Automatic : Without obligation!
  • 3 months : 1 free tote bag!
  • 6 months : 1 free vinyl!
  • 12 months : 2 free vinyl records!
The advantages of the box

Limited edition vinyl:

Every month receive limited edition vinyl records among several musical styles with classics that anyone would like to have in their collection, but also the last gem that nobody heard about, for the most diggers of you!

No commitment:

No contract, no worries. You can cancel your subscription at any time.


With our à la carte formula, each month you have the possibility to choose among a selection that integrates the main musical styles, so you can choose according to your preferences or your mood of the moment!

Goodies / Brochure:

Because all great albums have a story, we offer you a brochure every month that will guide your listening, as well as a magnificent gift that will make this experience even more unique!

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Frequently Asked Questions
The Vinyl Box
What is the Vinyl Box?

Fan of vinyl record but not enough time to dig the last gem? We prepare for you a monthly selection to make your life easier!
With the Vinyl Box à la carte formula, you can choose between a box with 1 or 2 vinyls. There are two options:

1) Tell us your favorite musical genre, and we will provide you with a personalized selection that caters to your preferences.
2) Choose the record(s) that you want among our staff monthly selection of 6 vinyl records.

For whom is the Vinyl Box?

For rookies or confirmed diggers! Every music lover, regardless of the size of their record collection will be satisfied with our box. Our vinyl records selection incorporates musical classics and brand new gems picked by our team, in every musical genre.

Can I offer the Vinyl Box as a gift?

The Vinyl Box is the perfect gift to start out or enlarge one’s collection. Our rich and large selection will leave no one disappointed! When offering the Digger Box, the “automatique” option for the duration is not available. You subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months.

How we select the vinyl records for the Vinyl Box?

Made by music fans for music fans. Each month, we select up to 6 essential albums from several musical styles with classics that anyone would like to have but also less known gems for the most diggers!
We bet you will love it!

Can I choose the musical genre of the box?

Absolutely! You can choose each month from a selection of different musical genres: rock, hip-hop, electro, pop and much more! If you have no time to pick, or you don’t want to, tell us your favorite musical genres and we will take care of everything.
You can also change your musical styles in: "my Account » / "box Tab » / "change styles ».

The different subscriptions

You have the choice between an option with one vinyl record, or two vinyl records for an additional 10 €.
Offer 1 new vinyl record / month: 15€
Offer 2 new vinyl records/ month: 25€

Automatic: With no obligation: receive your vinyl records every month and stop it whenever you want!
3 months: 1 tote bag offered for any 3 month engagement!
6 months: 1 vinyl record offered for any 6 months engagement!
12 months: 2 vinyls records offered for any 12 months engagement!

What is the difference between a non-binding subscription and a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription?

By choosing the "no commitment" mode, you are automatically debited from your subscription amount every month for the duration of your subscription. You can of course unsubscribe at any time, from the first month.
By subscribing 3, 6 or 12 months, you are debited from the entire subscription period at the time of purchase (for example 3 x 25 € = 75 € for the 3 months subscription (excluding shipping costs).

On what date will I receive my 1st box and the following ones?

You will receive your box every month (one box per month) between the 15th and the 30th of the month (unless otherwise stated).
For the 1st box, you will receive it between the 15th and the 30th of the month of the subscription if you have subscribed to the subscription until the 20th of the month, otherwise you may receive your box at the beginning of the following month .
I subscribe on January 15, I receive my 1st box between January 15 and 30.
I subscribe on January 30, I receive my 1st box between February 1 and 15.

Can I unsubscribe when I want?

Yes, no contract, no obligations. You can unsubscribe whenever you want if you have chosen the formula "Automatic" with monthly debit, and this from the first month.
You just have to suspend your subscription before the 25th of the current month to no longer receive the Box from the month following your suspension.
To do so, simply connect to our website to « my account », go to the « my box » section.

Can I subscribe for only one month?

Of course ! You can subscribe as many months as you want by choosing the "monthly debit" subscription. You just have to suspend it after the reception of the first box.

Can I order a record or a selection from a previous month?

Yes you can order selections from previous months, discs are available by unit in while supplies last.

Offer The Vinyl Box
How can I offer the Vinyl Box?

Gift packages are subscriptions with a fixed duration: 3, 6 or 12 months.
Go to the "offer" section and choose the duration of the gift subscription.

When does the gift subscription start?

The beneficiary will receive his 1st Box between the 12th and the 25th of the month following the activation of his gift card.
Be aware that the card must be activated before the last day of the previous month.

Example: The beneficiary activate their card on June 30th, they will receive their first box between July 12th and July 25th

When will my account be debited?

"Monthly direct debit" subscription: for the 1st month, your account will be debited when ordering.
Then it will be debited on the 1st of each month before sending your box. Example: levy on February 1 for the February box.
3, 6 or 12 month subscription and gifts: you make full payment for the subscription period at the time of purchase.
Example: 3 x € 15 = € 45 for 3 months of the Vinyl 1 formula (excluding shipping costs).

What are the payment options available?

You can pay with most bank cards (Visa, Carte Bleue, Master Card, American Express…).
Bank transactions are fully secure through our partner "Stripe".

How to modify my bank information?

You can update your bank information at any time, and in particular update your card if it expires soon, or if you have had to object.
To do this, go to: « My Box » and « My subscriptions », and click on the « Change bank card » button.

Where can I find invoices for my purchases?

Go to: « My Box » and « My subscriptions », and click on the right of your Subscription on « See details » then « Download the invoice ».

What are the different delivery options?

Delivery to mainland France:

  • delivery to your home in Colissimo with insurance: € 11.12.
    Can I have it delivered abroad?
    Yes, we deliver to several countries and on all continents.
    Delivery to rest of the world:
  • The cost of delivery varies depending on the destination, it will be announced to you when selecting the delivery country. Insurance costs are included in the delivery price.
How do I change my delivery address, delivery method, and other personal information?

You can modify your personal information in the "Modify my Profile" section (by clicking on the silhouette at the top right of your screen). Your delivery address can be modified in "Modify my account" / "Profile" / "Address".

Problem: I did not receive my box
  • Did you subscribe before the last day of last month?
  • Have you checked the status of your package with the tracking number stipulated in the confirmation email for your Box (valid for Colissimo deliveries)?

    You can check your shipping method « Modify my account » / « Box »

    If the answer is yes to these 2 questions, contact us so that we can check the status of your package and re-send if necessary.
    I did not find the answer to my question
    No problem, send us a message