About us

    Producing music on vinyl easily and for free.

    It’s now possible…

    Here is how it all started…

    Back in 2013, Alexis was working for a festival in Lille and wanted to get his hands on the record of a young band called Groovanova – which had just won the festival’s bands contest.

    However, the band had never released their music on vinyl, because it was too expensive to produce. Without knowing who to contact regarding production and how many records to press, Groovanova had then logically renounced to the idea of such an uncertain and risky initiative.

    That’s when Alexis thought for the first time about a new alternative to the already existing distribution channels for vinyl records. Being a vinyl lover himself, he created Diggers Factory, a Vinyl Network where pre-orders from the community cover the records production costs.

    They trust us

    So far, we’ve helped dozens of artists and sold thousands of records. And it’s just getting started.

    Diggers Factory’s solution quickly met with success by allowing a young band to release their music on vinyl for the first time – a band met by Alexis a few years before at a festival in Lille. Its name: Groovanova.

    Since our official launch in January 2016 with our vinyl on demand service, we have helped many artists and labels worldwide. Thanks to a solid and international network of professional partners (pressing plants, distributors, record stores, logisticians), we assist rising and widely known artists through the vinyl adventure, whatever their needs are.

    In October 2017, we expanded our services by launching a vinyl Marketplace. It came as an answer to a simple need: to create a community of individuals and professionals to buy and sell new and used vinyl records worldwide.

    Records produced

    Many artists and labels already produced their music on vinyl thanks to the community.
    Search through the successful projects and join us in the vinyl experience.