Diggers Factory – Who are we ?

About us

Diggers Factory is all about a shared passion for vinyl records and crate-digging between a few friends. Always looking for new, old and sometimes forgotten music, we have a special ambition :

Allow any artist, label or producer, no matter his fame or his revenue to press and repress his music on vinyl. At Diggers Factory, we believe that the vinyl records are best way to consume and value music these days. In a world where it has never been so easy to enjoy music, in almost infinite quantities, it seems easy to forget how much work,time and passion artists are putting in their work. And that’s where the vinyl format comes up, as the ideal medium to convey his spirit and his creative wealth. Allowing artists to press their music on vinyl is about enabling their listeners and people who really appreciate their music to get hold of a fragment of their genius.

And it’s this direct method of conveying, from artist to fan, that we want to promote. Because, through this physical, noble and aesthetical object that the artist can design and model in every details, he can fully translate his original intention and get a fair payment in return.

And it’s in this same spirit that we created Diggers Factory, a new production and distribution model for vinyl records. With your help, we create a brand new distribution model, fairer and more intelligent.