May 2022 Selection

May 2022 Selection

May 1, 2022

You were waiting for the May selection, it's finally here !

This month, we offer you to choose a great compilation of Little Richard tracks, but also to discover Ohbliv, a very talented producer and DJ from Richmond, Virginia. You will be able to enjoy an exclusive vinyl only available for the Box, Kiddy Smile and his project "One Trick Pony" which will bring you into the 90s. With her new album, the artist Blondino will seduce you with her singular voice and her sensitive songs taking the listener towards daydream and introspection.

Come and discover the very limited edition of David Wingo's music for the video game Twin Mirror, a new narrative experience from the award-winning storytellers studio DONTNOD. Finally, we propose you to dive into the dreamlike universe of TRBL, a pure product of the new techno generation in Belgium.

You can still find more than 100 other records in the extended selection !

Little Richard - Essential Works 1952 - 1962


Little Richard was the stage name adopted by Richard Wayne Penniman, a gospel and rhythm & blues singer who was also a rocker, a homosexual, a Seventh Day Adventist, and an extraordinary personality. He invented one of the most emblematic battle cries to ever rouse a generation of young people confronting a much-needed new world... and rock ’n’ roll. The cry was a lyric from Tutti Frutti that went “A Wop Bop A Loo Bop A Lop Bam Boom!” Just one look at this album’s titles tells you all you need to know about the importance that this man represents in Fifties’ music history. In addition to Tutti Frutti you can find Long Tall Sally, Lucille and Good Golly Miss Molly, to name only a few. Nobody can imagine what Rock ’n’ Roll would have been without Little Richard. He was a mighty inspiration for such major artists as Prince and The Rolling Stones, and he fully deserves his place at the top of the pyramid that today we call “the influencers”.



Ohbliv is a very talented producer and DJ from Richmond, Virginia. He’s an instrumental genius and an innovative force in the ever-changing music industry. After more than 30 cassettes, various side projects and a radio show that has been on the air for nearly a decade, Ohbliv fans know his calling cards: a telepathic ear for samples, devastating harmonics and mind-shaking drums.

Kiddy Smile - One Trick Pony


Kiddy Smile is a French artist, producer and disc jockey. He is notably known for his promotion of the New York voguing movement in the Parisian scene as well as for his LGBT activism. Catapulted to the scene by Beth Ditto, Kiddy Smile seeks to spread retro in his musicality. Deeply influenced by the gloomy and lazy feel of 90's house music and the fabulous legacy of the ballroom scene, he has performed live alongside Hercules & Love Affair and The Gossip.

Blondino - Un paradis pour moi


"With this album, I wanted to refocus on myself, on my desires and priorities, on my dreams and my utopias, to be at peace with myself in order to be more open with people. So that this inner paradise becomes real on the outside," explains the singer. This album made before the lockdown sounds like a "New Start" for the artist, she doesn't hesitate to give herself, to talk about rebirth, letting go and reinvention, like the opening track, the hypnotizing "Faire".

David Wingo - Twin Mirror


Discover the talent of David Wingo, author of the music on the video game Twin Mirror, a new narrative experience from the award-winning storytellers studio DONTNOD. In this psychological thriller, Sam Higgs is coming back to Basswood, his childhood town, to attend his best friend’s funeral. It quickly becomes obvious that this little West Virginian city holds numerous dark secrets. Confronted with his past, Sam will be torn between his quest for truth and his desire to reconnect with loved ones. Who can he really trust ?

This exclusive physical edition will be limited to a few hundred copies only !

TRBL - AG007


Part of the new techno generation in Belgium, TRBL offers in this EP a very dreamy atmosphere with a perfect balance between breakbeat and techno drum elements. He already had the opportunity to perform in several clubs and warehouses across Europe over the last few years. His music has been supported by Amelie Lens, Charlotte de Witte, Paula Temple, Rebekah, I Hate Models, Anetha, Noneoftheabove and many more. After joining STEER Management in 2019, he also founded his own record label "Synergy" focussing on vinyl releases with a futuristic touch.