Jan 7, 2021

Happy New Year!

A new year begins (at last), and the Diggers Factory team wanted to wish you the best of 2021, rich in musical discoveries and new vinyl records... To kick the new year off with a positive mindset, we prepared just for you a list of resolutions to embrace and help our Diggers get through this year.

Spend 2021 filled with vinyl records!

Adjust your turntable for optimal listening

Whether you have just bought a turntable or already have one, the adjustment of your turntable is an important step not to be skipped! If you don’t have one, let us redirect you to our two exceptional partners: Pro-ject and Ortophon.

Indeed, the optimal adjustment of all parameters of your installation is essential for an unforgettable listening experience and to prevent any damage to your turntable. The configuration of the arm’s weight, the assembly of your cell and finally the adjustment of your phono preamplifier must be strictly respected!

To get the perfect set up, we recommend this great article.


Looking after your vinyls

Vinyl records are fragile and must be treated with care! Here are a few tips to look after them in the best possible way:

  • Use a small carbon brush before each use.
  • Hands off! Do not touch the face of the disc with your fingers...
  • Store your discs upright away from heat and humidity.
  • Do a thorough cleaning of your vinyl records on a regular basis

To know everything about how to look after your records, check out our previous blog post here.

Step out of your musical comfort zone

Diggers Factory’s goal is to introduce new artists to our "Diggers" for them to step out of their comfort zones and discover different musical styles and genres.

A little reminder, the word "digger" (derived from the English word "to dig") represents music lovers who relentlessly search for rare gems or new tunes.

Not sure where to start? Explore Hip Hop with rapper Sylvan LaCue, who travels between traditional rap and more eclectic sounds.

Tempted by electro? Molécule composed a record based on the sounds of the world's most impressive waves. This EP transposes us into the body of a surfer who feels the emotions from electronic music combined with ocean sounds.


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