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      How it works

      I'm a Digger

      • Interaction :  I listen to projects and like them to get updated. I follow friends, artists and labels. I suggest reissue projects and share them with my friends on social networks.

      • Pre-order :  I pre-order my friend's or favourite artist's records and contribute to the success of projects. Prices are set by the artists.

      • Reception :  If a project gets enough pre-orders, I get the vinyl by home delivery as soon as possible. Otherwise, I get my money back.

      I'm an artist or a label

      • Creation :  I share my music, set the number of records I want to sell, the duration of the campaign and a price for the vinyl. I choose a partner to press my vinyl, how it is shipped to Diggers, and share the project with my community.

      • Production :  If I reach my sales objective, I can start production with the partner I chose. Diggers Factory gets a 15% commission on sales, shipping included, only if I meet my objective.

      • Shipping :  The vinyl will be shipped to Diggers by me or my partner.