Finance your vinyl with Diggers Factory

For artists

Diggers Factory’s story is one about a passionate team, in love with vinyls and crate-digging, always looking for new musical discoveries. Today, we offer 3 different solutions to make vinyl pressing accessible to all artists and labels.


Press and distribute your vinyl records worlwide, without any financial risk or investment. You just have to reach a certain pre-order treshold to secure and fund the production of your record.

Limited Edition

Artistic collaborations between Diggers Factory and specific labels and artists in the form of capsule projects, collector and ephemeral, in very limited edition.

Vinyl Pressing

You want to press your vinyl records and you already have the money to go to press. Get an online quote and we’ll deliver your records 8 weeks later.

How it works


Upload your tracks and artworks
Set up a sales objective
Share it and collect pre-orders
You reached your objective and we’ll take care of the rest for you

*If you reach your pre-order treshold, the production is secured and launched. If you don’t reach this treshold, the project is canceled and everybody is paid back in full. You can also decide to fund the rest of the production yourself. Then, you’ll have to wait 8 to 10 weeks for manufacturing, before we ship the records to your contributors.


No financial risk
You don’t have to invest any money to press your records. You collect money through our pre-order system.
On-demand production
You don’t have to worry about stocks or overstock. We will press the exact number of pre-ordered records, that we ship directly to your fans.
Partners network
We provide a full range of partners and expertises to advise and assist you in the vinyl pressing process : pressing plants, mastering studios, logisticians, distributors etc.
A digger community
Join a vinyl loving community that is always looking for new musical discoveries, and who are ready to financially support the artists they love.

Partners & Services

  • Direct to fan : You will be provided a dedicated page for your record, to collect pre-orders.
  • Promotion : We help your promote your project within our community.
  • Mastering : Partner studios are at your disposal to create the ideal vinyl master
  • Manufacturing : We have 10 partner factories worldwide to offer you the widest range of options and customizations in terms of quality, price, cutting type etc.
  • Distribution : Some projects may be presented to our distribution network for additionnal sales (PIAS, Republic of Music, HHV, Vinyl Digital, Juno, Disc Union...)
  • Delivery : We handle for you the shipping to all contributors.
  • Customer Support : We handle the manufacturing and distribution monitoring and we also handle complaints if any records were not to reach their destination.

Limited Edition

We take an active editorial part in the edition/reedition of records from renowned artists and labels. We work on capsule formats, in very limited editions for special projects and back catalogue reeditions.
As an example, we’re currently working with INA (french national audiovisual institute) around the release of unpublished works from Jacques Brel, Barbara or Leo Ferré. And we’re also working with french label Ed Banger for the release of a mini LP by Tommy Guerrero.

Vinyl Pressing

You already have the money to press your records ? Get an online quote with our live cost simulator and press them directly through one of our partner factories.