May's Selection !

May's Selection !

May 6, 2024

Diggers Factory has put together a selection of favorites for May! ❤️

We offer you for this beautiful month of May a diverse selection. We kick off May in style with the collector's project, "Cliff of Death" by Deniro Farrar and Blue Sky Black Death, offering an immersive sonic experience skillfully blending Farrar's sharp rhymes with BSBD's atmospheric production, creating a dark and captivating ambiance. Next, let's explore the world of jazz with "Ella & Louis", which brings together the warm and elegant voice of Ella Fitzgerald with the incomparable charm of Louis Armstrong, creating a timeless harmony. Let's delve into the universe of the Venezuelan producer residing in Argentina Craz Digga with "Latino Bum Rush", an energetic album skillfully fusing hip-hop influences with Latin rhythms, offering a dynamic and engaging musical experience. Let's dive back into jazz as well with "Blue Train" by John Coltrane, an iconic jazz album that masterfully illustrates the creative genius of the saxophonist, with sophisticated compositions and virtuoso solos that captivate the listener from start to finish. Let's rediscover the world of Elvis Presley with "Vinyl Story", an emblematic compilation that traces the legendary journey of the King of rock 'n' roll through a carefully selected collection of his greatest hits, also offering an illustrated journey nostalgically capturing Elvis's story. Finally, let's explore the captivating energy of Hilight Tribe with the enchanting album "Luminescence Vol. 1", marrying tribal and electronic sounds in a captivating manner, transporting the listener on a mesmerizing sonic journey through hypnotic rhythms and intoxicating melodies.We'll let you have a look ⬇️

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Blue Sky Black Death & Deniro Farrar - Cliff of Death

For the first pressing of this incredible 2012 collaboration, Deniro Farrar, the self-proclaimed leader of "cult rap," is the ideal MC to pair with the dark sonic landscapes of Blue Sky Black Death. The production takes Farrar's raw lyricism and twists it over gauzy and ambient synths and drum machines, with eclectic samples and instrumentation. BSBD provides the music and harmonies, while Farrar lends his deep voice as the album's most important instrument. Though it may be short, it's powerful content with a lasting impact.

Blue Sky Black Death is a production duo based in the San Francisco Bay Area. It consists of Ryan Maguire, better known by his stage name Kingston, and Ian Taggart, better known as Young God. Deniro Farrar is an American rapper hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina. He has collaborated with other artists such as Ryan Hemsworth, Shady Blaze, and Flosstradamus.

Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong - Ella & Louis


The meeting of two jazz legends, "Ella & Louis" marks the beginning of a trilogy uniting Armstrong and Fitzgerald. This masterpiece released in 1956 quickly established itself as a jazz classic, becoming a legendary album alongside "Porgy & Bess" and "Ella & Louis Again" (released in 1957).

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, accompanied notably on piano by Oscar Peterson and on guitar by Herb Ellis, engage with infectious joy in the art of duet, in the first of a series of three landmark albums. The vocal ranges of Ella Fitzgerald, soft and deep, and Louis Armstrong, vibrant and lively, blend perfectly in tender and humorous songs, where jazz sheds any hint of melancholy to become purely festive and captivating music.

Craz Digga - Latino Bum Rush


"Latino Bum Rush" is the latest album entirely produced by Venezuelan DJ and producer residing in Argentina: Craz Digga. This album brings together prominent representatives of Latin American hip-hop on one record under Craz Digga's sonic vision, interpreting each artist's sound amidst dark, energetic, and profound atmospheres.

Featuring artists from countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Venezuela, "Latino Bum Rush" exemplifies the impact of Latin American hip-hop on hip-hop culture worldwide.

John Coltrane - Blue Train


John William Coltrane is now recognized as one of the most influential figures in jazz history. Yet, when he first appeared in Dizzy Gillespie's orchestra in the late 1940s, no one could have predicted that this shy young man in his twenties would, within a decade, become an iconic musician destined to push music into previously unimagined dimensions. This album captures John Coltrane at the peak of his solo career, although of course, there was more significant music to come.

John Coltrane is joined by Kenny Drew, Paul Chambers, and Philly Joe Jones for this record. All three had played together on an album the pianist recorded for Riverside Records, so they were already familiar with each other's styles. The rest of the group consists of Lee Morgan (trumpet) and Curtis Fuller (trombone), and was recorded at Van Gelder Studio in Hackensack, New Jersey, on September 15, 1957. Just for the title track alone, this record is a masterpiece. "Blue Train" is so familiar that it feels like the theme of a long-forgotten TV series or the soundtrack of a moody film. It's everything that makes jazz so endearing.

Hilight Tribe - Luminessence Vol. 1


Fueled by their passion for world music and electronica, Hilight Tribe takes on the challenge of Organic Trance, conveying a universal message dedicated to all tribes around the world. From Africa to India, through Mongolia and beyond, "Luminessence Vol. 1" explores a vast array of ethnic instruments, sonic textures, and epic melodies in line with the group's most popular successes.

Powered by a potent Kick-Bass-Drums ensemble, each passage is a crunchy alchemy of vocals, stringed instruments, percussion, glitches, and psychedelic effects. With these first six tracks paving the way for a double album, Hilight Tribe takes us on a musical journey filled with hope and positive vibrations!

Elvis Presley - Vinyl Story


Elvis Presley, an American actor and singer born on January 8, 1935, in Mississippi, played a pivotal role in popularizing rockabilly and then rock 'n' roll, establishing himself as one of the greatest icons of all time. Despite his passing on August 16, 1977, "The King" remains the second highest-selling artist in the history of music. The best tracks of the King, along with a comic book recounting his life, are brought together in an exclusive format!

He was bestowed with countless nicknames, the most eloquent being "the King." Elvis Presley, the most significant phenomenon in recorded music history, reigns supreme! In the mid-1950s, catalyzing various trends, he introduced rock 'n' roll to the world, captivating audiences with irresistible originality, charm, and freshness. His talent allowed him to explore various styles, which he embraced wholeheartedly. His influence remains profound, and his persona continues to be revered in a cult that never fades.