February's Selection !

February's Selection !

Feb 1, 2024

For this month of February, Diggers Factory has concocted a selection of favorites for you!

While January treated us to diverse sonic explorations, February arrives with an equally captivating selection. Let's kick things off with the collector's project by Harry Mack, impressing us with the live freestyles of "Omegle Bars 100." Continuing the eclectic journey, we delve into "Sun Explosion," a fusion of jazz and Afrobeat by the Cameroonian legend Manu Dibango. Next, let's immerse ourselves in the blues and rock'n'roll repertoire of Johnny Cash with the exclusive "Vinyl Story," a format presented by Diggers Factory. For reggae and dancehall enthusiasts, we've chosen the odyssey of "Kingston Journey" revealed by Little Lion Sound. Moving on to varied atmospheres, we explore "Cluster," a project by Housse de Racket's founding member, Pierre III. UK rap also takes the spotlight in our selection, with a skillful blend of jazz, hip-hop, and broken beats in "Xin's Disappearance [Black Vinyl]" by Londoner Nix Northwest. We also encounter a sunny vibe with the lo-fi hip-hop vinyl compilation from the French label Retro Jungle Records, titled "Lost Paradise." We conclude this beautiful selection with a fusion of rock and Turkish folk, where Derya Yildirim & Grup Simsek take us on a nostalgic journey, sometimes light and danceable, often melancholic and haunting. We'll let you have a look ⬇️

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Harry Mack - Omegle Bars 100

Virtuoso rapper and improviser Harry Mack makes a strong impression with his project "Omegle Bars 100." Known for his spontaneous and creative performances, Mack has reached a milestone with this series. On Omegle, a random video chat platform, he interacts with strangers, capturing the moment in impactful freestyles. "Omegle Bars 100" showcases his raw talent, juggling various themes, clever wordplay, and astonishing linguistic dexterity. The album reflects Mack's essence of spontaneity and artistic innovation, captivating listeners with his ability to create ingenious raps in real-time. This series demonstrates Mack's unique ability to transcend virtual barriers and establish authentic connections through music. This double LP is sharp and concise, offering a blend of sweetness and precision.


Manu Dibango - Sun Explosion


Manu Dibango, the Cameroonian saxophonist and composer, has profoundly influenced the global music scene with his unique fusion of jazz, Afrobeat, and traditional African music. A pioneer of Afro-jazz since the 1950s, he has risen to legendary status with the iconic "Soul Makossa" (1972), which transcends musical boundaries. In 1978, in Paris, Dibango and his collaborator Roland Le Couviour created the album "Sun Explosion," an eclectic work ranging from the reggae-jazz of "Anty" to the Afro-funk-jazz of "Matumba." The B-side of the album explores tracks like "Motapo" and the titular track "Sun Explosion," blending vibrant brass with funky xylophone. Testifying to Dibango's creative genius, the album resonates remarkably well in the current musical landscape, highlighting the timeless relevance of his work and its enduring impact on global music.

Johnny Cash - Vinyl Story


Johnny Cash, a legend in country music, emerged in the 1950s with a deep voice and an iconic image as the "Man in Black." Celebrated for hits like "Ring of Fire," he merged country, rock, and blues, creating an unmistakable sound. His 1968 live album, "At Folsom Prison," recorded in front of inmates, strengthened his reputation as a rebellious and humanistic artist. His exceptional career transcended the boundaries of the country genre, leaving a lasting imprint on American music. Johnny Cash remains a Rock'n'Roll legend, with his unique voice still resonating in musical history.

Little Lion Sound - Kingston Journey


The musical project Little Lion Sound achieves a significant milestone with the release of the iconic album "Kingston Journey." This musical masterpiece bears witness to the group's unwavering devotion to reggae and dancehall. More than just an album, it is a captivating odyssey through the soul of Jamaican music. Each track pays homage to the rich heritage of reggae and dancehall, showcasing Little Lion Sound's unparalleled ability to seamlessly fuse these genres. The project brings together collaborations with established international artists such as Capleton, Bugle, and Brother Culture, as well as emerging talents like Eesah, Jae Prynse, and Mr. Bertus. "Kingston Journey" resonates across the airwaves, encapsulating the evolution of Little Lion Sound from Sound Clash champions to the establishment of a renowned studio in Geneva and the co-founding of Evidence Music, a global force in reggae. The album attests to their commitment to quality, innovation, and the preservation of the timeless allure of reggae.

PIERRE III - Cluster


Pierre III, also known as Pierre Leroux, the founder of Housse de Racket, presents his album "Cluster." After years of a global tour with Housse de Racket, Pierre III, a Parisian producer, musician, and singer, explores a new artistic path. Convinced that musical sketches are sometimes more impactful than overly polished works, he consistently delivers diverse music, blending contemplative synth atmospheres, epic indie guitars, and dancefloor beats. Having collaborated with various musicians, Pierre III has established himself as a versatile artist. Following ambitious mixtapes and a refreshing EP, the album "Cluster" represents a significant step in his creative musical journey.

Nix Northwest - Xin's Disappearance [Black Vinyl]


Nix Northwest's debut album, titled 'Xin's Disappearance,' is a musical odyssey consisting of fifteen tracks that delve into the mind and journeys of 'Xin' as he endeavors to escape the vices of his former self. Hailing from London, Nix Northwest is a rapper, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who blends jazz, hip-hop, and broken beats, complemented by introspective lyrics and catchy refrains. The album reflects the artist's versatility, offering a rich and immersive sonic experience. Through 'Xin's Disappearance,' Nix Northwest unveils a captivating musical narrative, exploring the intricacies of the human psyche with a unique fusion of genres.

Retro Jungle - Lost Paradise


"Lost Paradise," the latest release from the French label Retro Jungle Records, establishes itself as a captivating compilation available in both vinyl and digital formats. With 12 enchanting tracks, the album conjures the warmth of the sun on the skin and the refreshing vibrations of the lo-fi hip-hop project. Retro Jungle Records brings together an exceptional array of artists, offering a diverse and immersive auditory experience. This compilation, at the intersection of sonic exploration and lo-fi influences, promises a total immersion into a lost paradise of musical sensations. "Lost Paradise" thus stands as a major achievement for Retro Jungle and an invitation to a unique sonic journey, where each track reveals the diversity and creativity of the current lo-fi scene.

Derya Yildirim & Grup Simsek - Dost 2


Derya Yildirim & Grup Simsek's latest album, "Dost 2" ("Friend" in Turkish), accurately continues the diptych started with its predecessor. Derya Yildirim's music can be encapsulated by a Turkish word that is challenging to translate: Gurbet. It reflects a sense of nostalgia for her homeland, a homesickness that makes one feel estranged from their own surroundings. It is a distant quest for a lost paradise that may have never truly existed. This is the essence of the music of the young Derya Yildirim, born in Germany to a Turkish family. Sometimes light and danceable, often melancholic and haunting. The latest album, "Dost 2," follows suit with its share of covers of traditional Turkish works (such as those of Selda Bagcan, Baris Manço, Asik Mahzuni Serif) or influenced by their heritage, notably that of the poet Nazim Hikmet Ran. Other tracks are compositions by the group, such as the opening piece, "Gümüs."

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