January's Selection !

January's Selection !

Jan 1, 2024

For this month of January, Diggers Factory has concocted a selection of favorites for you!

To kick off the new year in style, we're offering you a chance to discover the beautiful ambient album Mirages by the duo Jb Dunckel & Jonathan Fitoussi. Then we're giving you the chance to listen to and discover in detail the emblematic blues artist Bill Evans with an exclusive Diggers Factory format, the Vinyl Story. For rock lovers, we've selected a compilation (double LP) of the best tracks by rock legend John Lee Hooker. Reggae is once again in the spotlight with Groovewax's 'Outsiders' album. Another legend in the selection is Arnaud Rebotini, who has made his mark on the electronic music and techno scene, with his soundtrack for the film "L'Ile Rouge". Finally, for the collector's project, we've decided to select Rocca's new double LP entitled "Cimarron". We'll let you have a look ⬇️

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Rocca - Cimarron

Rocca, aka Ricardo Andrés Thomas, is a French-Chilean rapper and founding member of La Cliqua. A pioneer of French rap, he has contributed to the genre since the 1990s with his complex lyrical style.

His seventh solo album, "Cimarrón," comes in two versions, French and Spanish. Recorded between Bogotá and Paris over two years, this opus fuses underground hip-hop and Colombian rhythms, creating a unique sonic universe. With renowned guests such as Youssoupha, "Cimarrón" is not just an album, but a powerful message of independence and freedom, challenging the contemporary music industry.


Mirages - Jb Dunckel & Jonathan Fitoussi


Mirages, the collaborative project of JB Dunckel (AIR) and Jonathan Fitoussi, emerged from the creative union sparked by artist Xavier Veilhan. Veilhan established a studio for musicians during the Venice Biennale, resulting in various projects, including Mirages. The album, crafted meticulously over a year in JB's Paris studio, unveils the essence and soul of synthesizers accumulated over the years. From cinematic to direct, Mirages navigates a unique, inventive pop landscape—a revitalized electronic sound that seamlessly blends the musical worlds of both artists, like vivid images from a once barren desert now teeming with life.

Groovewax - Outsiders


Groovewax is more than just an eclectic style that seeks to break away from the norm, it is above all a Groove. Somewhere between hip-hop and reggae productions, the instrumentation is sometimes soulful, sometimes inspired by jazz or electro, and Groovewax offers a rhythmic elucubration that incorporates the mid-tempo New York hip-hop influences just expatriated from Kingston.

John Lee Hooker - Essential Works 1956-1962


John Lee Hooker is without doubt the most influential blues figure of the 20th century. It was the power and originality of his voice and guitar playing that made his reputation in the forties and fifties. Alone on stage, accompanied by his guitar, he conquered audiences in Detroit (Michigan), then on all the surrounding stages. Between 1948 and 1954, he recorded Sally Mae, Boogie Chillun, Hobo Blues, Crawling King Snake, I'm In The Mood... on numerous labels: Modern, King, Regent, Acorn, Chance and others. This period is documented on the John Lee Hooker album in the BDBlues collection (BDBL182). He began his career on the VeeJay label in 1955. The VeeJay recordings established him as one of the essential voices of the blues. Subsequent collaborations with John Mayall and his Bluesbreakers, with Canned Heat (Hooker'n Heat) and with numerous European and American artists enabled him to broaden his audience and become an international star, appealing to a wide range of audiences: jazz, blues and rock. In the sixties and seventies, he became the blues artist of choice, regularly charting on both sides of the Atlantic. The 27 VeeJay tracks on this album are the heart of Hooker's style and a jewel in the history of the blues.

Bill Evans - Vinyl Story


Bill Evans, born in 1929 and died in 1980, remains an icon of jazz. A virtuoso pianist, he redefined the standards of the genre with his subtle, innovative playing. His major collaboration with Miles Davis and his lasting influence on jazz history make him a legend. Gifted with an exceptional technique, Evans leaves a timeless musical legacy, marking successive generations of music lovers.

Arnaud Rebotini - L'Ile Rouge


Arnaud Rebotini, born April 11, 1970, a leading figure in French electronic music, has contributed to the electro scene as a composer and producer. A member of the group Black Strobe, his eclectic talent ranges from techno to electro. Winner of the César for the soundtrack to "120 battements par minute" (2017), he collaborates again with director Robin Campillo for his latest work entitled "L'Île Rouge", plunging into the 1960s-1970s in Madagascar, exploring the last years of colonialism. Arnaud Rebotini's soundtrack enriches the cinematic experience of this captivating era.

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