December's Selection !

December's Selection !

Dec 1, 2023

For this month of December, Diggers Factory has concocted a selection of favorites for you!

To end the year on a high note, we invite you to discover or rediscover blues legend Muddy Waters in his album "Folk Singer". Then we offer you a sweet mix of joy and melancholy with Mansfield.TYA's album "Monument Ordinaire". The rock project of the month is none other than "The Book Of Lies", the first chapter in what has become the Jack the Ripper trilogy, the legendary French band of the 1990s. Reggae remains in the spotlight with Chezidek's fourteenth album, "Never Stop". We also invite you to discover the minimalist, ethereal, electronic and groovy universe of J.Lloyd in his album "Kosmos". Ghais Guevara, a young American rapper, is also featured in the December selection, with his album "There Will Be No Super-Slave", a continuation of his fight against racism. Finally, for the collector's project of this last month of the year, we've decided to select Wayne Snow's emblematic album, "Figurine". We'll let you have a look ⬇️

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COLLECTOR PROJECT: Wayne Snow - Figurine

Wayne Snow, a talented singer and songwriter from Nigeria, fascinates with his distinctive soulful voice and his musical eclecticism combining R&B, funk and electronic. Renowned for hits such as "Red Runner" and "Rosie", he has shaped the contemporary music scene. Under the Tartelet Records label, Snow dazzles with innovative productions, affirming his status as an influential artist.

After three years' work and his debut album "Freedom TV", Wayne Snow is back in 2021 with a new album, "Figurine". Written between Berlin and Paris, this album revolves around a simple question: "Who are we really?" - and leads Wayne Snow to explore renewal, individuality and origins. Produced by Crayon - an artist signed to Roche Musique - Nu Guinea and Brandt Brauer Frick, with the participation of jazz artist Oscar Jerome on the track "Magnetic", Wayne Snow employs a range of sounds that showcase his talent as a composer.


Monument Ordinaire - Mansfield.TYA


Since 2002, Rebeka Warrior, poet by night, producer by day, and Carla Pallone, composer, baroque violinist turned multi-instrumentalist, have formed Mansfield.TYA. The sensitive world of Mansfield.TYA is known for its sense of melody, melancholy and minimalism, but now the band is back with a poetic New Wave ode.

With Monument Ordinaire, Rebeka and Carla make their fifth album: 45 minutes of life and death, of poetry carved out of rock, imagined as lyrics by Maitre Dogen set to Jacno's simple, catchy melodies. An album of happy melancholy, an escape to celebrate the furious love of life, like so many cries from the heart. Always guided by emotion and a constant attention to words, Mansfield.TYA entrusts us with 13 songs that make us dance even as we cry.

Folk Singer - Muddy Waters


Muddy Waters, real name McKinley Morganfield (1913-1983), remains an icon of electric blues. Emerging in 1940s Chicago, he redefined the genre with his expressive voice and distinctive guitar playing. His legendary songs such as "I Can't Be Satisfied" and "Hoochie Coochie Man" had an indelible influence on the musical landscape, laying the foundations for modern blues and rock. Waters left an immeasurable legacy, celebrated for his innovative talent and lasting impact on music.

"Folk Singer" is Muddy Waters' fourth studio album, released in January 1964 by Chess Records. This unique opus features Waters on acoustic guitar, accompanied by Willie Dixon on double bass, Clifton James on drums and Buddy Guy on acoustic guitar. This is Waters' only all-acoustic album. Reissues of "Folk Singer" include bonus tracks from two later sessions, in April and October 1964.

Although it didn't make the charts, "Folk Singer" was critically acclaimed for its exceptional sound quality, especially on the remastered versions, and for its instrumentation. In 2003, the album reached number 280 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

Jack The Ripper - The Book Of Lies


Formed in 1995 by brothers Arnaud and Thierry Mazurel, Jack the Ripper, named after the enigmatic Jack the Ripper, emerges as a unique sonic entity on the musical landscape. Arnaud and Thierry, on vocals, bass and double bass respectively, lay the foundations for this unusual band. The early days of Jack the Ripper soon saw the addition of two more members, creating an initial line-up of eight artists. This promising collective came to life on December 25, 1995, with a memorable first concert at Le Pic Vert, Paris. However, mystery surrounds this inaugural event, as no pictorial or aural traces have survived to bear witness to this enigmatic performance.

"The Book Of Lies" is the first chapter in what became known as the Jack the Ripper trilogy. This first opus is surprisingly mature for the now cult band's first release. All the elements that define the band's sound are already in place here, and frontman Arnaud Mazurel's vocal delivery already sounds mature beyond his years. Darker and more direct than subsequent recordings, 'The Book Of Lies' is the perfect introduction to the band's universe. Unavailable on vinyl and digital until now, this fully remastered version invites you to retrace the first steps of one of France's major rock bands of the 2000s.

There Will Be No Super-Slave - Ghais Guevara


Ghais Guevara, real name Jaja Ghais Robinson, is a 23 years old US rapper and producer. He has focused his music career on the violence in the way the world is ordered, and points his finger directly at the source. His music is chaotic, confronting, and cathartic. Swirling, jazz-inspired beats whip around his frenetic-yet-precise wordplay, evoking images of Black pain, violence and joy. Channelling those feelings into music is a tried and tested formula as old as the hip-hop genre –– But Guevara’s point of difference, in his own words, is his ideological bent.

His latest record, There Will Be No Super-Slave (the title of which is taken from George L. Jackson’s book Blood in My Eye), is a monolith of hip-hop reflection, of racial identity, and is a complicated treatise on historical suffering. Using samples in a way that defies explanation, he shapes these songs into razor-edged narratives that explore pains which have burrowed down deep into the marrow of Black Americans. He also incorporates his Islamic ideologies into how he associates with the idea of America and acknowledges that it is absolutely necessary for him to use these beliefs in winnowing out the truth of why social structures are designed to force Black people into broad community acceptance rather than personal excellence. These songs act as mirrors, both for those who’ve lived through these kinds of injustices firsthand and those who’ve never personally dealt with aspects of organized racism.

Never Stop - Chezidek

Chezidek, whose real name is Desbert Johnson, was born in Jamaica on June 20, 1973. He began singing at school concerts and became a member of the St Ann's Bay brass band. Since his debut album "Harvest Time" released in 2002 on Xterminator, Chezidek has gone from strength to strength, producing several hits such as "Leave The Trees" (2004), "Call Pon Dem" (2007), "Bun Di Ganja" (2008) and the essential "All My Life" (2013).

With "Never Stop", his fourteenth album, Chezidek affirms his unwavering commitment to Jamaican musical culture and the social values of reggae. The album features spiritual tracks such as "Jah Jah Bless" and historical pieces like "Bad Out Deh" and "Who I Am", not forgetting the hit "Bun di Ganja". Stemming from a collaboration initiated in 2001 with French producers, these tracks illustrate Chezidek's artistic evolution. Beyond its deep commitment, the album stands out for the quality of its productions and musicians, offering impeccable vocals, supported by choice guests such as Queen Omega and King Lorenzo. The 4 dub versions add a special touch, enriching this exceptional work.

Kosmos - J.Lloyd


Josh Lloyd-Watson, also known as J.Lloyd, is a British musician renowned as a founding member of the electronic, funk and soul band Jungle. With bandmate Tom McFarland, he helped create the group's distinctive sound, skilfully blending funk and soul influences with elements of electronic music. Jungle is acclaimed for its energetic live performances and creative approach to music. 

In the uncertain whirlwind of the global Covid pandemic, creative momentum has emerged for some artists, including J. Lloyd. His latest project, "Kosmos", is a bold foray, a stark contrast to the modern groove of Jungle. Conceived in the heart of confinement, this project was born of a personal quest for freedom and creativity. In just 72 hours, J Lloyd fashioned a raw mixtape, each track, no longer than 2 minutes 30, creating a minimalist, ethereal sonic experience. In 25 tracks, "Kosmos" transports the listener into a groovy, electronic universe sometimes evocative of Tame Impala or Washed Out. Tracks like "Trouble" and "Feelin' Good" stand out, offering a captivating sonic escape, reminiscent of the musical virtuosity that characterizes Jungle. Despite the difficult context, J Lloyd embraces imperfection and delivers an opus that transcends musical boundaries.

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