September's Selection !

September's Selection !

Sep 1, 2023

For this month of September, Diggers Factory has concocted a selection of favorites for you!

This month's Vinyl Box selection features some very handsome projects, starting with a recording of Nirvana's legendary live performance at Paradiso in Amsterdam. Next, we invite you to discover the ingenuity of Henri Salvador in his homemade album Homme Studio. You can also try your hand at Paulo Mendoça's captivating and catchy style with his rock project "Mind Control". Discover a lesser-known side of the Beatles in a project compiling rarer tracks from the early days of their project, recorded between 1958 and 1962. Then we suggest you taste the disco, groove and jazz flavors of the "98 year" EP by H2H, a duo born of the collaboration between two house music legends Ben Vedren and Chez Damier. Following this, let yourself be carried away by the jazzy, neo-disco style of "La Course" by Bon Voyage Organisation. And finally, for the Collector's Project of the Month, we have selected the album "Abhi vs The Universe" by Abhi The Nomad, a perfect blend of funk, hip hop and R&B, produced on a double LP.

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COLLECTOR PROJECT: Abhi The Nomad - Abhi vs The Universe
Abhi The Nomad

Abhi Sridharan Vaidehi, better known by his stage name Abhi the Nomad, is an Indian rapper, singer, and songwriter associated with hip-hop music. He has released three full-length albums: "Marbled," "Modern Trash," and, most recently, "Abhi vs the Universe." This latest project, "Abhi vs The Universe," takes sonic cohesion to a higher level with dynamic tracks and a perfect blend of hip-hop, funk, and R&B. Each track feels connected, intentional, and complementary, largely thanks to the outros on each song that leave listeners curious for more. "Abhi vs The Universe" aligns with the 70s sound revival, similar to how Silk Sonic brings a smoother vibe to mainstream music.


Nirvana - Live At Paradiso. Amsterdam November 25. 1991 (Blue Vinyl)


Nirvana, the American grunge band formed in 1987 by singer-guitarist Kurt Cobain and bassist Krist Novoselic in Aberdeen, Washington, is a significant force in music history. After their independent label debut album "Bleach" in 1989 and a series of drummers, the band found stability with the addition of Dave Grohl in October 1990. In the following year, the trio signed with DGC Records and released their second album, "Nevermind," featuring hit singles like "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Come as You Are." These songs' videos gained widespread exposure on MTV, propelling the album's sales beyond expectations. Selling over thirty million copies, it became one of the best-selling albums worldwide. Amidst media frenzy, Nirvana faced scrutiny due to Kurt Cobain's tumultuous relationship with singer Courtney Love and their struggles with substance abuse. Under pressure, the band teetered on the brink of dissolution in 1992 but decided to perform at the Reading Festival, delivering one of their most memorable live shows. The festival's performance marked a pivotal moment in their existence. The project we selected for September is a live recording of the band's legendary concert at Amsterdam's Paradiso in 1991.

Henri Salvador - Homme Studio

Henri Salvador

Henri Salvador is a French artist known as an author, composer, performer, humorist, and musician. He started as a jazz guitarist before venturing into singing in 1948. Unforgettable hits like "Syracuse," "Maladie d'amour," and "Jardin d'hiver" define his legacy. In the late 1960s, he and his wife withdrew from the music industry to set up a custom studio at Place Vendôme, where his experimentation and creativity thrived. Born Bad Records releases "Homme Studio," a compilation of 16 lesser-known songs from 1969 to 1978, showcasing his ingenuity. In a 1976 interview, Salvador discussed his approach: "I'm constantly searching for new sounds. I have all the time." His musical exploration continued from ages 50 to 60, assembling unpublished treasures in this album.

The Beatles - 1958-1962 (Red Vinyl)

The Beatles

Regarded as the most popular and influential band in the history of rock, The Beatles is a British band originally from Liverpool, England. The core of the group was formed with the Quarrymen founded by John Lennon in 1957. They adopted their new name in 1960 and, starting in 1962, settled into their definitive lineup, consisting of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and the last to join, Ringo Starr. In their ten years of existence and just seven years of recording (from 1962 to 1969), The Beatles recorded twelve original albums and composed nearly 200 songs, mostly written by the Lennon/McCartney duo, achieving unparalleled success in the history of the music industry.
This project features 18 tracks of rare early Beatles material, including "In Spite Of All The Danger" (the only song ever co-written by Paul McCartney & George Harrison), recorded in Liverpool in 1958 when the Beatles (along with John Lowe on piano & Colin Hanton on drums) were still known as the Quarrymen. Also featured is a 1960 home recording of McCartney's "Cayenne" (with Stuart Sutcliffe), "Ain't She Sweet" recorded in Hamburg in 1961, "Besame Mucho" featuring Pete Best on drums, "The One After 909," and "I Saw Her Standing There" recorded live at the Cavern Club in 1962, among much more.

Paulo Mendonça - Mind Control

Paulo Mendonça

Paulo Mendonça, a Swedish funk guitarist of Portuguese origin, boasts five studio albums and one live album. With over 250,000 copies sold, he holds 8x platinum awards as a songwriter. Notably, he graced the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1996 and toured with Tina Turner. Paulo's diverse career includes collaborating on Jeff Scott Soto's "Beautiful Mess" (2008) and contributing to Hurts' "Happiness" (2010). His 2013 release "Does Anybody Wanna Funk?" marked a successful return, followed by another album in the same vein. Teaming up with Peter Iwers, his 2017 single "U Got 2 Believe" paved the way for the recent album "MindControl", defining a swinging rock sound.

H2H - 98 Years


H2H is none other than the remarkable union between the outstanding sound engineer and genius producer Ben Vedren, paired with the legendary house producer, Mr. Chez Damier. Together, they bring forth a powerful house track titled "98 Years." With three different versions (Main Mix, Club Mix, and Bonus Mix), this track captures the essence of the Chicago house scene. Infused with disco flavor, a trippy groove, and a jazz loop, "98 Years" stands as a robust addition to the dancefloor. On B2, a beautiful remix of H2H's previous track "Kokoro Kara" by Days In Orbit gracefully concludes this EP.

Bon Voyage Organisation - La Course

Bon Voyage Organisation

Bon Voyage Organisation (BVO) is a versatile project founded and led by Adrien Durand. In 2020, they released a second album titled "La Course." This record marks a Jazz shift for the group while maintaining their signature Néo-Disco elegance. A true kaleidoscope of influences, from Pharoah Sanders' spiritual jazz to Ryuichi Sakamoto's ambient Fourth World, "La Course" resembles the thematic exotica albums of the '50s and '60s. It captures diverse musical languages, evoking various moods without favoring one over the other. In addition to BVO, Adrien Durand has produced records for others (Amadou et Mariam, Bagarre, Papooz). The album echoes the spirit of French artists like Pierre Barouh, Michel Colombier, and Hector Zazou who made art a way to converse about the world around them or their dreams.

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