21 Artists to follow in 2021

21 Artists to follow in 2021

Jan 21, 2021

This year at Diggers Factory we discovered, listened & worked with many talented artists. 2021 is full of promises, here are our 21 artists to follow this year:


MonoNeon, American experimental bassist & musician, is well known for his presence on Youtube. He is also known to be one of the last people to have worked with Prince. His album "My Feelings be Peeling" is available on vinyl, exclusively on Diggers Factory.


Sebastian Kamae

Sebastian Kamae brings good vibes with his groovy drums, live instruments, jazzy melodies and lo-fi sounds. His second album, Enjoy the Ride, was recorded in Chicago and released in November 2019, in collaboration with well-known artists.


Lorine Chia

Los Angeles-based singer/rapper/composer Lorine Chia, 25, originally from Cameroon, grew up in two worlds: one of her family's deep ties to her native Cameroon; the other, through the years she spent learning and adapting to the American way of life and music. Her education and musical influences pushed her to succeed as a talented music artist praised by Complex, Fader and Billboard. Her collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly has been described as "fabulously rich" by Rolling Stone.



Nacho Cano, songwriter & producer, released musical projects under the names Twin Cabins, Canito and, currently, Harmless. He immigrated to San Diego at the age of ten. The sampling of hip hop strongly influenced his musical career as it made him feel American. Harmless is a project filled with emotions woven seamlessly with bright electronic synths, soft voices and occasional saxophone, representing his love for Mexico.



Kemba is an American hip hop artist from Hunts Point, Bronx, New York. He released the critically acclaimed album "GNK:” a journey into the experience of being categorized by 3 different (often contradictory) labels as a black man in America: a god, the "N-Word" and a king.



UZ appeared in the bass world in 2012, and his intense musical creativity has solidified his fan base. As UZ, he collaborated with bands including Ice Cube, Boyz Noize, T-Pain, Rome Fortune and DJ Shadow, releasing on Mad Decent, Boys Noize Records and Mau5trap, to name a few. Marking a return to his roots from eight years of the UZ project, "Trinity," his latest project, features fifteen tracks of fresh content with a long list of collaborations including UNKWN & DECAP.


Magdalena Bay

Miami natives, Magdalena Bay, first met in an after-school music program in high school. Together, they formed a progressive rock band, which disbanded when its members left for college. After a year-long break, Mica and Matt reconnected and began releasing new music under the name Magdalena Bay. After graduation, the two reunited and moved to Los Angeles. Magdalena Bay describes their latest record Mini Mix, "The Minis are a way for us to play with different sounds, styles and genres. We like them to be eclectic, and even though each song is different from the next, we see the mix as a 12-minute journey through the world of Magdalena Bay. "



Femdot has become the next star in his hometown: Chicago. On his recent tour, he released his 94 Camry Music project which has received rave reviews from MTV, Fake Shore Drive, XXL, VIBE Magazine, Hot 97, Earmilk and more. With a successful national tour and a new project underway, he's looking to take on a new role as Chicago's next MC.


Foreign Air

Although much has changed since their early days, Foreign Air’s childlike sense of joy and wonder that fueled their success still remains. "Good Morning Stranger" is a trippy and intoxicating collection that blends indie rock, hip-hop and Britpop while mixing vintage synthesizers and hypnotic beats with manipulated samples and an adventurous production. Inspired by Alt-J and Beck, Pink Floyd and J Dilla, this record is sensational.



Gaika, a British artist and writer from South London, is collaborating with NAAFI affiliates in a new project with eight tracks, including TAYHANA, Lao, OMAAR, Wasted Fates, Zutzut and Lechuga Zafiro ... One of the most distinctive voices in British music has joined forces with the most exciting collective in Latin America.


Mellow Fellow

Mellow Fellow by 24-year-old suburban prodigy Polo Reyes is composed of pearly guitars and a golden voice that leads to distinct jazzy tunes. Reyes began writing in 2014 with a restless heart, weighed down by the stress of university - he managed to channel his loneliness and frustration into raw, chirpy love songs. It was during this time that Reyes was able to create his best music to date, followed by collaborations with artists Clairo, FLOORCRY, Teenage Granny and Ruru.



With Rose Berlin's extraordinary vocal talents and multi-instrumentalist producer Dean Garcia, SPC Eco is an alternative pop band of morphic & experimental genre. All the familiar booms of Dean Garcia's bass, guitar and drum effects, as well as Rose Berlin's incomparable vocal siren, are in full swing in their project 6?LP JUNE.


Des Roses

Driven from a very young age by their passion for music, Louis and Suzanne Lemoine, two brother and sister who form the group Des Roses, have just released a new song "Le Chalet" for their first album, coming next fall. Songs written about feelings of loneliness in a quest for serenity. Des Roses, an empathetic and lyrical aero-pop symphony that can only warm your heart.


The Dunts

The Dunts, one of Scotland's most popular bands, has a unique style: vibrant, electrifying, brilliant. With its distinctive style capturing the public’s eye, the quartet is ready to take on the world.


Madison Mc Ferrin

After releasing two critically acclaimed acapella soul EPs, Brooklyn-based singer Madison McFerrin combines her voice with the modern production of her new You + I EP. The first single for this album, "TRY", was presented in a COLORS session. She is notably supported by Pitchfork, The Fader, NPR...


Braxton Cook

Braxton cook, saxophonist, singer & multi-instrumentalist is strongly influenced by John Coltrane, Kenny Garrett and Frank Ocean. His music is inspired by his experience as a Millennial Black jazz musician in America. No Doubt, a medley of Jazz, Soul, Trap and Avant-Garde music, creates a memorable sound, unique to saxophonist Braxton Cook. The music of the multi-instrumentalist singer from Maryland, blends the techniques of jazz improvisation with the melodies of R&B.


Kwamie Liv

Kwamie Liv is a Zambian-Danish artist, singer and composer. She released her EP "Lost in the Girl" in 2014 and her first studio album "Lovers That Come and Go" in November 2018. Her latest album deliberately takes you on an emotional journey. The Dano-Zambian singer tells you her life story, opening up to her fanbase.


Christian Kuria

Born and raised in San Francisco, Christian Kuria rose to fame in 2016 as a hip-hop and R&B guitarist. A growing producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Christian Kuria introduces his first EP: Borderline.



Loyal to their roots of carefully blended hip-hop, rnb, jazz, soul and electronic vibes, YellowStraps take a step towards a more global sound with their EP "Goldress". The band brings a new aesthetic and energy, represented in their new EP. Their music is anchored in foundations laid in previous EPs.


Between sleeps

Between Sleeps represents several years of self-taught learning and a strong interest in synthesizers and sound design. His name and his universe evoke the moment of semi-consciousness between waking and sleeping, when imagination and reality merge. Blending dreamy layers and energetic rhythms, his music blends electronica, house and techno. His influences include Boards of Canada, Lone and The Field. All of the tracks that make up the Fantasia EP were designed with the same hardware setup: a sampler, an FM synthesizer and an analog synthesizer.


Average Sex

Discovered by Tim Burgess, the singer of Charlatans! Average Sex is the new sensation of English indie rock. The British press even presented it as the "new bad ass power-pop champs from London". Average Sex offers an energetic, powerful and uncompromising rock that mixes 80's references (Gang of four, Joy division, The sound) and contemporary references (Gossip, Big Moon). Signed on Tim Burgess's label and produced by James Spencer (producer of New Order's last album), the band opened for the European leg of the Charlatans' last tour! Erotomania is the first LP of Average Sex available in France.