The Vinyl Box : a new formula

The Vinyl Box : a new formula

Jul 30, 2020

Finally a vinyl records box that you can personalize

Start out or enrich your records collection with the new formula of our personalizable box! Each month you receive one or two vinyl records (depending on the formula you selected) that you choose from an eclectic selection as well as a descriptive booklet and some goodies.


We chose to make this box personalizable so it would cater to the musical tastes and moods of every diggers. Do you want to receive canonical classics that shaped the history of music and inspired entire generations? Maybe you’d rather enlarge your 33rpm collection with limited editions and unexpected gems? How about discovering indie music wonders that our staff specially picked for you? You will undoubtedly find what you need in our monthly 6-album selection! And if you want to be surprised, just pick your favorite musical genres and we will select records according to your musical tastes. Jazz, Rock, Hip-hop, reggae, blues...Satisfaction guaranteed!

The other way to consume music

The Vinyl Box is an opportunity to listen to music differently. It’s the opportunity to reconnect with the digger’s ritual, when the disc slides out of its sleeve and spins on the turntable, resulting in that light cracking familiar sound. It’s the chance to dedicate yourself to discover one or two records a month. Listening music on records is to go deeper in the understanding of the artist’s intentions. It is much more insightful than digital playlist or tracks on radio. Moreover, the explicative booklet provided in the box enables you to fully grasp all the specificities of the album. With all those elements, the Digger Box is the perfect present for your music lovers acquaintances, whatever musical genres they are into.

As mentioned before, you will find goodies when unboxing your package. This month, our partner Posterlounge split a little gift for you!


Diggers Factory presses every records that are offered in the box hence the very attractive prices of our box...starting from 15€/ month (excluding the shipping costs). You have up until the 25th of each month to choose your records from our monthly selection. the Vinyl Box will be delivered between the 25th and the 30th of the following month.

Drop the needle!