Captain Hook - Space Tube 25


Side A
Space Tube 25 (Vinyl Version) (Snippet)
Captain Hook
Desert Adventure (Vinyl Version) (Snippet)
Captain Hook
Side B
Veni Vidi Vici (Captain Hook Remix - Vinyl Version) (Snippet)
Vini Vici
Arcadia (Captain Hook Remix - Vinyl Version) (Snippet)

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  • Artist : Captain Hook
  • Label : Iboga Records
  • Format : 1 x 12" (180g)
  • GenresProgressive TrancePsyTranceTrance
  • Pressing500 Copies
  • Estimated shipping dateDelivery within 2 to 7 days


When the idea to revisit some of his recent productions came up, Captain Hook wasted no time. The creative process spiralled organically, first pulling him towards Desert Adventure and Space Tube 25 and very quickly the reworks were born. Reshef then moved on to revisit his earlier remixes of Vini Vici’s ‘Veni Vidi Vici”, as well as his remix to Oforia’s ‘Arcadia’.

Each track got a fresh polish, ranging from new harmonies, changed melodies, new kick & bass, some live FX recordings through a tape and all around fresh sound design with a focus on how it will sound on vinyl, thereby creating a deeper listening experience

The unwavering quality of Captain Hook’s productions lies in the attention to detail. Listening to the spine-tingling, squelchy and undeniably organic sound design of each piece. We felt that the essence of these powerful edits can only be truly represented via the tangible experience that vinyl offers, making this the FIRST EVER VINYL ONLY Captain Hook release.

With each hypnotically layered texture carefully pressed in 96khz & 24 bit on a 180g vinyl, the entire EP has been formatted and mastered with an organic, rough, analogue sound - strictly for the needle. Those of you who know these tracks are in for a treat, since it feels & sounds like a completely new story. And what better way to tell that story than through vinyl. The connection that forms between these spheres of wax and the listener is something that digital formats simply cannot replicate and it’s with this connection in mind that we present to you Captain Hook's 'Space Tube 25' vinyl.


Captain Hook