Iloh - Resurface - Numbered edition


Side A
Inner Space
Side B
The End


« Smooth and pleasant »

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  • Artist : Iloh
  • Format : 1 x 12" (140g)
  • CountryFrance
  • GenresAmbientDowntempoElectronica
  • Pressing300 Copies
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RESURFACE is the first and real personal project of Iloh.
He mixes atmospheric universes, ethereal melodies and a soothing rhythm. Resurface is composed of 4 deep, melancholic tracks that immerse his listeners in their inner world. Added to it, 3 tracks that have been produced in the last few months, an extra material allowing a complete escape assimilated to dreams about the future that awaits us.

Iloh likes to play with the materials which surround him, the various reflections of the light on our environment and the rhythm which is articulated between all elementary or artificial things which clash. All of this, assembled with our humanity and its precious emotions that connect us with intimacy with the music and our deepest feelings.

Resurface is a presentation of what we can distinguish with our 5 senses on the surface and below. The boundary between the two, an attractive play of perception, light and shadow. The EP was conceived in the highest tower of Lyon, confined like everyone else at the time: "I felt I had to find an escape and feel free again".


Iloh or Alex, is from Paris (FR) and was raised in a very artistic world with his mother, a painter. Then, at the age of 20, he discovers the MAO with a friend in high school where he has fun to tweak hip hop on Reason. A real enthusiast, he spent nights "creating electro with my mouse by moving pots without even knowing what I was doing" and then following Fakear, Thylacine, Joachim Pastor, Nicolas Jaar & Cruz and El Bùho with attention. As well as the attribution of a certain club house and techno culture by returning to Paris at the age of 24.
His active life as a commercial engineer wears him out, Alex doesn’t find himself there any more, that's how the Iloh profile takes shape inside. In spite of beautiful trips abroad during 1 year in Australia and 2 years in NZ, he comes back to his first love for music and electro. A passion which doesn’t give up and which takes him out of a strongly troubled period.

Artists such as Gigi Masin, Kelpe, Tycho, Weval, Jonny Nash and Suzanne Kraft, William Basinski, How to disappear completely, Nujabes, start to be part of his daily life and he ends up falling in love with ambient. "I started to make it, as I could and with the instruments at my disposal. I also added my electronic and techno influences to come up with rhythmic ambient sounds that totally fit me. It was at that time, the year I turned 30, that I wanted to do more than that and make it my job. I wanted to share what I was discovering and creating."

Thus was born the Iloh project. Its name refers to a very personal idea: a description of her personality that can be broken down into a calm and serene atmosphere of the exterior, well drawn, but inside we find a bubbling of diverse and varied creations linked to her emotions.
Iloh is also the confrontation between the abysses of an underwater territory, both frightening and exciting, and the skies, calmer and more atmospheric, punctuated by clouds and rain. A third world emerges, created on the surface of these two territories, dependent on what happens above and below, inside and outside.
A crossroads where ambient, techno and electronica take the afternoon aperitif.