After releasing two electronica EPs full of emotions and organic rhythms, he won the Diggers Factory Challenge which allowed him to see his first EP on vinyl and participate in a project at Le Panthéon de Paris last summer. In September 2022, he joins Oakhi Records and produces two IDM, trip-hop tracks to appears on Ethereal vinyl series. The next month, he presents his third album 'Origins', a 7-tracks EP that mingles genre between techno, IDM and ambient. Two months later, he is coming back on the parisian label Human Disease Network with a 4-tracks EP, an electro-break with dub techno sounds and so joins artists that inspires him everyday, Voiron, Saint-James, A-Sim... Passionate about technique and synths, Iloh finds his means of expression with his machines through different lives where he can experiment and modulate the sound depending on the concept and the crowd in front of him. He also express himself through dj set that are equally captivating.
Iloh - Resurface
50 Left