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961? - Raw Diamonds - Aaron Levin Harder - Hand numbered edition - Limited Edition Vinyl


Face A
Giulietta (2016 Alternate Studio Demo) [Part 1]
Aaron Levin Harder
Forgive My Lonely Soul (Demo) [Take 6]
Aaron Levin Harder
Free Fall (Demo) [Take 1]
Aaron Levin Harder
Face B
Money Don't Matter Tonight (Demo) [Take 2]
Aaron Levin Harder
Done Dyin (2017 Original Version) [Edit]
Aaron Levin Harder
Giulietta (2016 Alternate Studio Demo) [Part 2]
Aaron Levin Harder



As our “The Aaron Levin Harder Legacy” series and release project progresses through the previously unreleased catalogue of Aaron Levin Harder, a lot of material that has been released up until now was at some point originally intended to be issued in some form, while a large portion of recordings from our archives had been abandoned. The mixtape “I Am: The Ultimate Blues Experience” which arrived earlier this year in May already explored some of that material in-part and gave a glimpse of abandoned alternate versions and tryouts of songs that were released the following months until now, and that are due to be released later this year. With this collection available here, five crucial and previously unreleased and unheard alternate versions of songs already released are seeing the light of day, overworked and retouched to unfold their full potential. These selected recordings, beside one track, are raw demos that initially did not find their way onto any project and were abandoned shortly after their recording, but which are highly valuable insights into Harder’s phase of experimenting with different sounds and styles different from the classic blues. This compilation includes the “raw diamonds” from our archives, highly valuable rough drafts of songs that give Harder’s growing back catalogue of archival releases more depth.

'961? - Raw Diamonds' is the newest addition to “The Aaron Levin Harder Legacy” which comprises rare alternate versions of previously released songs, such as a reimagined version of “Giulietta” which features an alternate guitar riff, Harder’s rare solo recording of “Forgive My Lonely Soul”, the extensive original first take of “Free Fall” with additional lyrics, the abandoned second stand-alone take of “Money Don’t Matter Tonight” which was initially planned for the original ‘Blues Dont Let Me Die’ EP, and a more complete version of “Done Dyin”, of which two shorter versions have been released on the ‘Blues Done Let Me Dyin’ and ‘Blues Dont Let Me Dyin’ EP’s.

Additionally to the standard- and deluxe editions available digitally, this exclusive limited special collectors edition on orange vinyl is now available for pre-order, being strictly limited to only 100 hand-numbered copies. The package includes the standard EP on 180g-heavyweight colored vinyl and a printed inner-sleeve with liner-notes and lyrics, all packaged in a glossy jacket.

Purple Eternity Records

Purple Eternity Records is a independent label founded and based on the philosophy of Prince, and his beliefs in artistic freedom and self-realization. It is home to the artistic visions of ALH, and the legacy of his former output as Aaron Levin Harder.

Based in Berlin, and founded in April 2016, shortly after Prince’s death and in his honor, Purple Eternity Records first served as an organizer for concert shows of Aaron Levin Harder, and did also organize small tribute events that paid homage to Prince. Although the release of audio material from Aaron Levin Harder in both digital and physical formats was always planned, it eventually never materialized, with only very few promotional copies being issued in strictly limited quantity, and the entire catalogue of both audio and video material from Aaron Levin Harder being eventually abandoned from any kind of official release. After a fresh start into the year 2019, with the evolvement of Aaron Levin Harder into ALH, Purple Eternity Records is now finally releasing music through its official channels on selected digital platforms and its own website, and also established a presence on social media.

In late 2019, the label eventually started to release all of Aaron Levin Harder's unreleased material as part of "The Aaron Levin Harder Legacy", a release-series project which includes all his previously unreleased projects that been originally intended for release, as well as demo material and live performances alongside other rare material that had been recovered from his private archive and from audience recordings.