Olec Mün - Reconciliation - Numbered edition


Side A
Olec Mün
Olec Mün
Olec Mün
Olec Mün
Side B
Olec Mün
New Beginning
Olec Mün
The Calling
Olec Mün
Olec Mün

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  • Artist : Olec Mün
  • Label : Lady Blunt Records
  • Format : 1 x 12" (140g)
  • CountryItaly
  • GenresClassicalModern ClassicalNeo-Classical
  • Pressing100 Copies
  • Estimated shipping dateApril 2021


"Reconciliation" is a systemic piano work composed by Olec Mün in order to heal the wounds inherited by war, persecution and segregation. Grandson of fourJewish refugees who escaped the Second World War and emigrated to Argentina, he is the first one in two generations to settle back in this part of the world.

The album is the outcome of his past, his memory, his roots which are transformed through composition. The tracks of Reconciliation carry a personal and universal history and trigger deep, empathic feelings. A small and delicate universe of solo piano pieces which become a powerful message.

The album is structured in two parts: “Songs for my Ancestors” and “The Refugee’s Journey”. In the first part, the composer revisits each story behind his four grandparents. Each song is named after each one of them: Richard, Dora, Freddy and Jetty.

“The Refugee’s Journey” is conformed by four movements: “Exile”, “New Beginning”, “The Calling”, “Reconciliation”. They maintain an intimate and melancholic flair and slowly guide us through the intention of reconciliation and acceptance. The sense of these movements is condensed in these words taken from Olec’s diaries: “What does it take to forgive?”

Through music Olec Mün has confronted his pain and is able to make a step further: to find peace within it. Not to cancel it, but to give it a new dimension, a new meaning.

“Reconciliation” is a humble attempt to let go, yet with awareness and depth. This enhances the power of music which is not only able to heal but also to bring positive messages and transformation.

Olec Mün

Born in Argentina in 1985, Marcelo Schnock aka Olec Mün plays the piano since he was six. He then studied jazz, folklore music, harmony and composition with teachers such as Nicolás Guerschberg, Francisco Sicilia, Guillermo Romero and Paula Suarez.
Always in the search of new sounds and introspections, Olec Mün has nourished his musicality through travels and studies around the world. His visits to northern India and west Africa have each marked a point of no return in his music and way of living it. Music since then, has been a prayer, a path of transcendence.
After participating in numerous groups and projects, in 2018 Olec Mün released his first solo work called SEPTENIO. This project was composed with the use of minimal electronics and audios of Olec’s childhood family videos. In SEPTENIO, the composer visits his first seven years of life. This first cycle of seven years was studied by Essenes, Greeks, Anthroposophy and numerous traditions, since it is in these first seven years that the Soul adapts to its new human body in the third dimension. September 2020 will see the release of his solo piano album Reconciliation on Lady Blunt Records.