Olec Mün


Born in Argentina in 1985, Marcelo Schnock aka Olec Mün plays the piano since he was six. He then studied jazz, folklore music, harmony and composition with teachers such as Nicolás Guerschberg, Francisco Sicilia, Guillermo Romero and Paula Suarez.
Always in the search of new sounds and introspections, Olec Mün has nourished his musicality through travels and studies around the world. His visits to northern India and west Africa have each marked a point of no return in his music and way of living it. Music since then, has been a prayer, a path of transcendence. After participating in numerous groups and projects, in 2018 Olec Mün released his first solo work called SEPTENIO. This project was composed with the use of minimal electronics and audios of Olec’s childhood family videos. In SEPTENIO, the composer visits his first seven years of life. This first cycle of seven years was studied by Essenes, Greeks, Anthroposophy and numerous traditions, since it is in these first seven years that the Soul adapts to its new human body in the third dimension. September 2020 will see the release of his solo piano album Reconciliation on Lady Blunt Records.
Olec Mün - Reconciliation
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