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3AM - Nick Tann - Numbered edition - Limited Edition Vinyl


3 AM
Nick Tann
Nick Tann
Coming Home
Nick Tann
Sadder Than Sad
Nick Tann
Never Did Me Harm
Nick Tann
Can't Stop Missing You
Nick Tann
Parallel Lines
Nick Tann


  • Artist : Nick Tann
  • Format : 1 x EP 12" (g)
  • CountryUnited Kingdom
  • GenresFolkBlues
  • Pressing300 Copies


Four years ago, two years after I gave up my day job to become a full-time musician, I spent five days at recording my first studio album 3 AM.

Apart from the trumpet that Toby the co-producer put down, I played and sang everything on it. The aim was to create songs that I could hear on the radio. Toby and myself really put our heart and soul into it.
Working with my co producer Toby Vane from Zanzibar Production Facility, we set out to make a contemporary album that I think show my songs in their best light. This album means so much to me. Every time I hear a track from it I am taken back to Toby's studio in Winchester, the feeling of camaraderie we shared whilst recording this will stay with me forever, Every little vocal, guitar slide and bass riff evokes heartfelt memories. The pinnacle of my writing and performance, at the time,  I am still very proud of what was achieved in those 6 days as well as the support given by people who showed their faith in me by ordering their copy before I had even set foot in the studio.

Since then tracks from it have been played on regularly BBC radio local and nationwide as well as other radio stations and podcasts. Tom Robinson from BBC6 music has played tracks regularly on his show. It is a recording that I am really proud of.

‘Nick Tann’s vocal quivers as he slides from a Kasabian-esque, staccato introduction in “Never Did Me Harm” to what sounds like an B side from the OST of “The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly” – and oddly, it works. The album slips into a myriad of acoustic influences, reminiscent of what K T Tunstall with a sex change or Jack Johnson without an American accent would sound like.The entire album has a soothing quality ...  "Noizze Music Blog"

Nick Tann has worn many musical hats, and occasionally actual hats as well. He has wielded all manner of instruments, but is best recognised in the guise of solo, acoustic guitar slinging, jazz tinged, folk-pop performer. And it is that more familiar sound which forms the basis of the new look and sound of Nick Tann and his new band. The “new” Nick Tann is a numerically fluid affair but is normally a triptych of Nick Tann on guitars and vocals, Bastien Terraz on double bass and Guy Siviour on drums/percussion. However some shows may contain fewer players or perhaps expand to include occasional itinerant musicians collected along the way. Life may indeed be like a box of chocolates.

At the heart of the sound is the familiar balladry, emotionally driven personal narratives and rich vocal tones from solo days but now there is some wonderful musical augmentation. A chilled yet structurally robust British folk take on Americana heartland traditions and whilst the familiar building blocks of Jazz, blues and country all play their part it is a wholly new sonic architecture that is the end result.

Nick and his band are now looking to become a familiar face across the landscape, but like any hard working band you will also find them bringing their wonderful creations to the usual circuit of pub back rooms, live sessions, festivals and house shows. Three is indeed a magic number.