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Karoussel - Mowgan feat Kaleta - Hand numbered edition - Limited Edition Vinyl


Face A
Mowgan feat Kaleta
Mowgan feat Kaleta
O Deep O
Mowgan feat Kaleta
Ovi Ovi
Mowgan feat Kaleta
Face B
Mowgan feat Kaleta
Am Joly
Mowgan feat Kaleta
Give me Attention
Mowgan feat Kaleta



A chance meeting in a New York club led to the conception of Mowgan’s debut album, in collaboration with renowned African Benin-born Nigeria raised singer and multi-instrumentalist, Kaleta (Leon Ligan-Majek) an ex Fela Kuti, Sunny Ade, Lauryn Hill cohort who also fronted Akoya Afrobeat Ensemble and presently heads up a 70s style afro funk band called Super Yamba based in NYC. The Frenchman was working at Lina Frey when he overheard a Beninese salsa singer called Laurent Hounsavi channeling Afro-centric vibes through his performance. He approached the singer and was put in touch with Kaleta, who lives in the Big Apple, too. What happened next was pure magic, as the two men got to work in the studio to bring their two worlds together.

It’s the kind of mystical alchemy that only happens once in a blue moon; Kaleta was given carte blanche over Mowgan’s extensive collection of Africa-inspired electronic instrumentals. He selected his favourites and performed on each one, delivering an original vocal, and his own guitar licks, over the top. To stir up even more electrifying vibes, Kaleta also invited several of his talented friends to join the recordings sessions - they included vocalists Shade Myers Emmanuel, Justin Masters and Gbenga Wise, Freddie Deboe on sax, Mic Dada assisting Mowgan on synth pads and Takuya Kuroda, the famous Japanese trumpet player from Kobe who specialises in neo-soul, hip hop and electronica.

The result is ‘Karoussel’, a vibrant, dynamic, soul-enriching hybrid between electronica and deep African musicality that sets the standard for contemporary collaborations between western and African artists, and the first in a series of album projects from Mowgan on his fledgling label Mow Records...

Mow Records

Mowgan Ghenassia is on a singular mission to showcase his musical vision to the world. Born in Toulouse, France and now residing in Berlin (via Valencia, New York and Barcelona), Mowgan’s love of electronic music and African sounds has culminated in the birth of his own label, Mow Records. With this platform Mowgan aims to collaborate with talented musicians from across the entire African continent.

While living in New York in 2010 he was there at the advent of a new house sound... afrohouse. Instantly allured by the sounds, Mowgan was hooked and he began to start digging for more. It was the beginning of a love affair that resulted in an eight-year odyssey to meet and record with African artists. In NYC Mowgan met Kaleta, the first of his many collaborators. The duo got to work at Redbird Studio in Times Square, Manhattan and the electrifying alchemy present during these sessions produced Mowgan’s very first LP, ‘Karoussel’, a seven-track collection which will inaugurate his label.

After spending some time in Berlin and Barcelona, Mowgan returned to his hometown in 2018 where he spent the summer holed up in a studio. There he worked day and night throughout the entire summer, finding the quiet rural town the perfect environment to be isolated and immersed in his music. In that time he recorded four albums with various artists, forming a formidable arsenal that will provide the first few releases from his fledgling label.

With a strong musical identity and a firm vision of where he wants to go with Mow Records, the stage is set for a compelling start for Mowgan’s label. Fresh, authentic and created with a deep passion, Mow Records is in a class of its own, hit the play button and hear for yourself…