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      Iconic Soul


      Hand numbered edition
      #Hard Rock#Heavy Metal#Rock
      32 days to go

      Exclusive Bonus

      Everyone buying the album will get a download link with Iconic Soul's mp3 version and a personal PDF document.


      A1.Wake up Call01:36
      A2.I Don't Care04:56
      A3.Love Poison05:32
      A4.Cry Your Eyes Out04:28
      B1.Iconic Soul03:34
      B2.Journey to Eternity04:04
      B3.Temple of Vanidicus06:42


      • Artist : Lazy
      • Label : Lazy Records
      • Format : 1 x LP 12" (140g)
      • Country : Norway
      • Genres : Hard Rock Heavy Metal Rock
      • Estimated delivery date : 03/07/2018


      In a world where math and music go hand in hand, this is my life, this is my soul. Iconic Soul, Lazy’s first album release is a burgeoning hard-rock genre revealing the power of mystique and love for the music.

      From Oslo Norway, he was raised on real rock'n roll like Led Zeppelin, Guns 'n Roses and Aerosmith. He was the lead guitarist in Suicide Bombers from 2011-2017 and released his first album as Lazy on the sixth of December 2017.

      Music is my genuine path in life. It is the best way for me to give of myself to this world. I sacrifice for it in a way that I do for nothing else.

      It's dirty, decadent, glamorous, delicious and beautiful. It's raw, unpolished, uncontrollable and mysterious. Get ready to get catapulted into a musical landscape of weird tones. Barreling out of the past into the future.

      Very limited pressing and hand numbered.

      Artwork by Gisel Ippoliti


      Rating : 5 | Votes : 1

      Lasse Bjerkan

      Lasse Bjerkan
      Lasse Bjerkan

      Lasse Bjerkan

      • Country : Norway
      • Country : Norway