Get 100 copies pressed with Diggers Factory x ReverbNation

Get 100 copies pressed with Diggers Factory x ReverbNation

Apr 17, 2017

Diggers Factory and ReverbNation share a common goal: supporting independent labels and artists. Since its creation in 2006, ReverbNation has indeed helped millions of emerging and independent artists build their career by connecting musicians and bands with labels, managers, festivals, concert venues and other music industry professionals, and of course fans.

More than just a social network, ReverbNation also offers a set of tools to showcase music and centralize everything in one place so that both fans and industry influencers can have access to it, but also tools to grow a fanbase or tools to sell music digitally on dozens of the web’s biggest platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Music.

Diggers Factory partners with ReverbNation to give artists the opportunity to sell music physically and offers the production of 100 vinyl records to one ReverbNation artist or band.

How will this campaign work?

Artists submit their application on ReverbNation and must demonstrate originality and fine musicianship to be selected by the Diggers Factory team.
Vinyl records can be either 7’’, 10’’ or 12’’ and artists will choose options like on a normal project on Diggers Factory.
Records will be delivered to the selected artist at home.
The selected artist or band can use his or her own distribution channels to sell the records to their fans.
The selected artist or band will receive 90 out of 100 records - the remaining 10 will be kept by Diggers Factory for promotional use.
The selected artist or band can choose among Diggers Factory’s partners for mastering, production and distribution or choose his or her own partners. Artists are free to set the price of their vinyl records and keep 100% of the intellectual property rights of the music.

The campaign begins on the 14th of April and will end on the 26th of May.

Take your chance and submit your project on ReverbNation: