The International Jazz Day

The International Jazz Day

Apr 30, 2024

This year, and for the first time, International Jazz Day, celebrated by over 190 countries, will take place on the African continent in Tanger, Morocco. The festivities will run from April 27th to 30th, highlighting the jazz heritage of the city as well as the cultural and artistic bonds uniting Morocco, Europe, and Africa.


The International Jazz Day aims to raise global awareness of jazz values as a promoter of peace, unity, dialogue, and cooperation among peoples, as well as an educational tool. On this occasion, many governments, civil society organizations, educational institutions, and individuals working to promote jazz take the opportunity to foster a better understanding, not only of the music itself but also of its capacity to promote social inclusion.

Over the past decade, International Jazz Day has achieved remarkable success, becoming the largest annual jazz celebration worldwide. It's a global movement that mobilizes people on every continent each year through educational programs, performances, community outreach activities, and extensive media coverage.

Sources: UNESCO official website.

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We offer a complete box set containing 4 limited edition vinyl records as well as an 8-page 30 x 30 booklet with Nina Simone's biography, anecdotes, and quotes. All the titles included in this box set have been remastered for the occasion.

Her talent and artistic and political commitment were the driving forces behind all the decisions she made in her life, from her first public performance to her final resting place. Her immense talent, strength of character, and undoubtedly her egocentrism shaped an extraordinary personality constantly navigating between the firmament of vocal art and the hell of a chaotic personal life.

MILES DAVIS - Vinyl Story by Jacques Ferrandez


Undeniably the most prolific, revolutionary, and unique jazz musician, Miles Davis has left his mark on history with at least three pieces.

- In 1949/1950, he recorded The Birth of the Cool, a decisive moment in jazz evolution, introducing the new sound of downtown clubs as big hall jazz declined.

- In 1959, he created Kind of Blue, a true symbol of jazz entering the modern world, the best-selling jazz album for decades!

- In 1969, he produced Bitches Brew, a revolutionary fusion of rock, funk, and jazz, often considered the starting point of the Fusion movement, where Miles Davis brilliantly blended various musical influences into a masterpiece!

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