August's Golden Ticket ! 🎫

August's Golden Ticket ! 🎫

Aug 10, 2023

Dear Digger ! 👋

For August's Golden Ticket, Diggers Factory's Vinyl Box is offering you the chance to win a pair of Steljes NS1 active speakers worth €199! 🔊🔊

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This month, our partner Audio Marketing Services is offering you the chance to enhance your listening experience by winning a pair of Steljes NS1 active speakers.

Steljes Audio was founded on the desire to design, manufacture and offer exceptional audio products. Integrated into Premier Group (UK) Ltd, a British technology company established in 2002, the brand combines the boldness of a new company with the strength of an old one.
This innovative arrangement enables Steljes Audio to quickly appropriate and exploit the latest technologies. The result is a range of innovative products offering outstanding performance and value for money.
So take a chance of winning this pair of active speakers with Diggers Factory's Vinyl Box’s Golden Ticket!

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