How to promote your music in 2023

How to promote your music in 2023

Jun 27, 2023

With over 120,000 tracks published on streaming platforms every day, the competition is fierce. Promoting your music is therefore essential if you want to reach new listeners and music industry professionals.
Setting up a music promotion strategy should be your first step! So here are 6 steps to help you make a success of your release:


1) Promote your music before the release date:

-Create a checklist of things to do before the big day.
-Draw up a back-plan so that you don't forget any stage.
-Post regularly on social networks with different content: teasers, videos, photos, breakdowns, etc.
-Contact the press and radio stations (around two weeks before the release date).
-Pre-Save: tell your fans to pre-save your track before the big day. This will give your algorithm a little boost on the day of its official release on streaming platforms.

2) Expand your fanbase using social networks:

-Share engaging content to encourage interaction and reach new fans.
-Consider using ads on Instagram and Facebook.
-Create a TikTok account - if you haven't already.
-Be active and post regularly on Instagram and TikTok.

3) Contact the media to obtain press coverage:

  • Good media coverage helps you gain visibility and credibility.
  • Target the media appropriate to your musical genre and stage of development.
  • Niche blogs and webzines can bring you more fans and recognition from the music industry.
  • Don't know who to contact? No response? Send your music to Groover.

    4) Maximise your chances of being included in playlists:

-Plan your release at least 2 weeks in advance and submit it to the Spotify editorial team.
-Search for third-party playlists on Spotify with high engagement and contact them.
-Use Groover to connect directly with Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music playlist curators, so you can be sure your music will be heard and receive a response in less than 7 days.

5) Play your music on the radio:

-Radio is still an essential channel for musical discovery.
-Contact the radio stations and web radio stations that programme your style of music.
-If necessary, create a "radio edit" of your song.
-Want a guarantee that your music will be heard? Get in touch with radio programmers directly on Groover.

6) Put together a team to develop your music project:

-Use your release to attract music industry professionals and build your team.
-Search for labels, managers, publishers, bookers and other professionals on Groover.

More than 200,000 artists use Groover to promote their music, and there have already been 1,167,967 shares (articles, playlist additions, etc.). Do you make good music? Then promoting your music shouldn't be a difficult task. Follow our advice, prepare your music promotion strategy and get the word out about your music!