Festival de Cannes selection

Festival de Cannes selection

May 17, 2023

The prestigious Festival de Cannes starts this week until saturday the 27th of may 2023. It is one of the most famous film festival in the world and to celebrate, here is a special selection of the artists that have been honored on the steps at Cannes and all this, of course, pressed on vinyl records.

Indiana Jones

The first on our list makes its great comeback this year for a final movie. The title character is played by none other than Harrison Ford, it is of course Indiana Jones. this year’s festival will host the premier of the very last installation of the saga: “The Dial of Destiny” coming out 15 years after “The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. For the occasion, rediscover the amazing soundtrack of the saga signed by John Williams on red vinyl!

Ennio Morricone

We move on with a great composer, well known for his work in the italian western genre, the great Ennio Morricone. Ennio is used to climbing the steps at Cannes since many of his movies have been prized. Among them we find “The Mission” in 1986, “Cinema Paradiso” in 1989 and “The Working Class Goes to Heaven” in 1972. The Italian composer even got to be on the jury board in 1984. Here is a compilation of his best work throughout the years on a double transparent orange record.

Claude Lelouch

Claude Lelouch is a french film director, prized in Cannes in 1981 for his movie “Les Uns et Les Autres”. He went on to win the Grand Prize of the superior technical commission of french cinema. The soundtrack for this masterpiece is signed by Francis Lai and is available on vinyl on the Diggers Factory website! A timeless masterclass as important today as it was some 42 years ago.

Arnaud Rebotini

Arnaud Rebotini is a name that shouldn’t sound unknown to you. Rebotini is a french composer, musician, singer, producer… a modern and complete artist and there is few like him. An accomplishment among others in his career happens in 2017 when the movies “120 beats per minute” which he wrote the soundtrack, wins the Grand Prize. You can find his work on vinyl as well as merchandising on his Diggers Factory store.

Charlie Chaplin


A name that will sound familiar to the whole of France is of course Charlie Chaplin. In quiet cinema, music is even more important as it becomes the only way of expression via audio for the film. The tempo of the action, the feelings of the characters are all vehiculated through the music. Charlie Chaplin will have to be satisfied with only a nomination out of competition for “Modern Times” in 2003. However, the movies are regularly projected at the festival as an hommage. Talking about hommage, here is the “Modern Times” soundtrack on a single black record!

John Carpenter


Finally, the Golden Carriage is a special prize given at Cannes since 2002. The Society of Film Directors give out the award every year to one director or composer and in 2019, John Carpenter received that honor. He is most famous for his composing work on "Halloween", the movie that redefined the Horror genre. You can find his biggest successes in the “Hollywood Story” compilation right on our website!

Friends of the big screen, we have reached the end of the selection, thank you for continuing to read until now. Let’s preserve the art we love by discovering or rediscovering film music. Have a good listening experience and long live Festival de Cannes ! ❤️