23 artists to listen to in 2023

23 artists to listen to in 2023

Feb 22, 2023

We all need new music to keep us passionated and this is the place to get it! Here is 23 new or growing artists that you should look out for in 2023. All of them have produced vinyl records with our on-demand pressing, you can click on the pictures to discover more about the artist and their ongoing projects.


Irish duo, Whenyoung, present their second album "Paragon Songs", an ambitious array of alternative anthems. Since their debut release, "Reasons to Dream" in 2019, the pair have been re-establishing Whenyoung with new music, a new sound, fewer members, a new team, a new label, Aoife overcoming a broken jaw... and all the other life-changing that went on for everyone in that time.

Bronze Avery

Channeling his wide-ranging influences, which have spanned diverse genres such as reggaetón, hip-hop and house, Bronze instinctually creates emotional pop classics with a DIY ethos that help listeners feel seen by connecting with them through unfiltered honesty.


“I write to escape the thoughts that keeps me up at night. It’s a therapy device and meditative practice. These past years we all experienced so much loss. On top of the pandemic, I really went through some serious trauma and I wrote this record because I needed to.” This is what Kainalu had to say about the Hourglass record… watch out for what’s next.


His tunes showcase Saib’s worldly vibe, tied together with his intricate guitar playing which deftly keeps up with all the styles represented in his releases. Hip Hop beats form the backbone as Saib’s musical palette skips from jazz flavours to lounge experiments to four on the floor beats… and sometimes within a single track.


A purveyor of slow and sensual R&B, Rini rose to success at the end of the 2010s with heavily streamed hits like "My Favourite Clothes" and "Meet Me in Amsterdam." The Filipino-born singer/songwriter began his career in Melbourne, then later moved to Los Angeles after his career began to take off. He made his full-length debut in 2021 with the Warner-issued Constellations, followed a year later by the Ultraviolet EP.

The Holydrug Couple

With a sound that evokes the dreamlike natural wonders of their homeland, duo The Holydrug Couple rose out of the burgeoning psychedelic rock scene rising out of Chile in the early 2010s. Based in Santiago, members Ives Sepúlveda and Manuel Parra cultivated a drifting, sometimes bluesy sound that weaved a gentle, repetitive tapestry of guitar, drums, and vocals that earned them a deal with American label Sacred Bones where they issued a set of acclaimed albums including 2017's ambitious Soundtrack for Pantanal.


Hailing from Atlanta and coming up as one of the leaders in the underground rap scene, Fauni has created a very loyal fanbase off the strength of his honesty, vulnerability, authenticity, and unapologetic personality. Marking the rapper’s first full-length drop of 2020, Fauni holds down the majority of the 16-track tracklisting on his own, while he does enlist some help from the likes of Lil Yachty, Black Kray, and 12TilDee.


D2X is in the midst of his own come-up himself, and the seismic waves of his talent have already started reverberating through Chicago’s local scene. In 2021, D2X released his debut album, The Color Blue. “It’s safe to say by now that D2X is a true student of the game, and The Color Blue is a prime example that he is an amazing star and is making a great name not only for the Chicago music scene but Hip Hop as a whole.”

  • by Lyrical Lemonade


After dropping one of Chicago Tribune’s best albums of the year in 2018, Chicago rapper Femdot. has continued to blossom into a staple in his hometown and beyond. Fresh off being tapped to write the Chicago Bears 2021 season opener campaign, Femdot. Followed up with his project titled Not For Sale, supported by a COLORSxStudios performance, along with four sold out listening sessions in Chicago and New York with support from brands Diageo and lululemon, along with a 24 city tour as direct support for SABA.

Cartier God

Creator of Ocean GANG + Creator of “Water Lingo” including Words ...Drip ...Splash etc.!!! 1/2 of The Oceanic Production Group Futuristic Ideasz including His Brother Tre’Beat, Cartier God is on the rise and here to stay.


Album 33 consists of alternative rock, emo rap, grunge, and ambient hip-hop type songs. Ivoxygen project's main themes are about expressing feelings and feeling different than others. How you can create that distance from everything around you and live in your own created world in your mind.


Tawiah describes her music as spiritual and soulful, and the sharing of it as her truest purpose. The vestiges of Tawiah’s early church vocal training contrast subtly against a distinctive South London accent, beautiful melodies and pure vocals all attribute to her original, undeniable sound.

Adi Oasis

French-Caribbean singer, bassist and producer Adi Oasis fuses soul, funk and R&B to form her own distinctive, retro-futurist sound Adi Oasis released her solo debut album under the name Adeline in 2018. Since then she has released 2 additional EPs. Her single “Whisper My Name” was featured in a stunning COLORS debut in early 2021, and she has garnered critical praise from press including Vogue to Rolling Stone, Wonderland, Line of Best Fit, Afropunk and many others.

Green Piccolo

Roll it up and Light It Up. Green Piccolo's first album release with Ryan Celsius Sounds Label is becoming a classic for any chill session.

Call Marby

Long live the underground! Call Marby is a british music producer. After To years of work during the pendeminc, his project “Night Trip” dropped with the washington music curator Ryan Celcius. Mark these words, more will follow that phonk / low fi promising project.

Blvck Svm

Following his graduation from the University of Chicago in 2018, South Florida-raised rapper Blvck Svm found himself struggling to break through as an artist. Svm decided to release a series of biweekly singles as a last-ditch effort to rejuvenate his career. The first single of that series, “Bleach,” released March 2020, caught fire a few months after its release, and it completely changed Svm’s trajectory. After 2+ years of consistent biweekly/triweekly releases, Svm has propelled himself into the full-time rapper position he has always envisioned.


Ehren River Wright, better known as SoDown, is tattooing his own signature on the world of dance music, illuminating a vibrant destiny for the saxophone playing producer. His live sets are saturated with vigor and animation, breathing life into a myriad of electronic sub-genres.


Jerreau believes in organic interactions and always being true to your own experiences. You will find that honesty in all of his lyrics, allowing you to get to know a real artist were everyone can relate. Music is his first love, but don’t be surprised if you see Jerreau involved in other projects, his creativity surpasses his music range.

Camille Jansen

With more than 120k listeners on Spotify, Camille Jansen remains an independent artist. With an alternative pop/soul sound, a guitar and a beautifully soft voice, she slowly but surely makes a name for herself on the international music scene.


“I am Asiahn. Singer, Songwriter, Actress, VO Actress, Siren, your resident Lesbian Unicorn” The self description fits the character perfectly. Raised in Charleston but based in Los Angeles, artist and songwriter Asiahn—pronounced “Ahh-zee-yahn”—knew she needed a break between installments of her beloved Love Train EPs. Creatively, she was inspired by something new: heartbreak, and picking up the pieces afterwards. Thus The Interlude—a five-track explosion of talent and control by one of music’s most in-demand creatives—was born.

Isabella Lovestory

Isabella is a young singer and performer from Honduras. Her new album "Amor Hardcore" is colourful and unapologetic, accompanied by a dynamic pop sound and Spanish vocals.. And it is pressed on a heart-shaped record !! The already established artist will keep growing and earned her place as an artist to follow closely.

Bulgarian Cartrader

In eight and a half minutes, Daniel aka Bulgarian Cartrader tells his life: Halley's Comet moves across the sky when he is born in Sofia, Bulgaria. Simultaneously with the comet, a "Slow Bullet" appears, which wants to haunt the protagonist of the story throughout his life, until the moment when it finds him - and hits him. A slow bullet? What the…? Exactly: welcome to the Bulgarian Cartrader universe.

Jaz karis

South London songstress Jaz Karis presents her ‘Favourites’ compilation, 15 songs that best represent her past, present and future self spanning across R&B, Reggae, Afrobeats and much more. With a love for all things nostalgic, Jaz looks forward to presenting her music in vinyl form for her dedicated fanbase of music lovers.

Now all is left to do is to go check them out, pick your favorites (or all of them) and go follow them on social medias to not miss a single news of coming projects! 🔥