Vinyl in the 7th art!

Vinyl in the 7th art!

Sep 15, 2022

At Diggers Factory we sell vinyl, of course. But we have a lot of movie lovers in our ranks, and we decided to make a small compilation of movies in which vinyl has a prominent place. If you have a hard time choosing between listening to vinyl or watching a movie, our selection is made for you!

Vinyl is an important part of film. When you think of vinyl, images of film reels and movie theaters come to mind. When the main character is in a room with vinyl records, any music lover must pause the movie to try to identify the album covers visible in the background.

For example, in John Cusack's "Championship Vinyl," or Peyton Reed's "Ant-Man," or in the movie Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino used a record player to show the time it was on an old-fashioned record player clock. If you've looked at Pulp Fiction, you've seen that many different types of vinyl were used for different parts of the movie! Anyway, we always take a break every time

It was, that in good passionate of vinyl, we decided to compile you the various appearances of 33 rpm in your favorite movies!

Then it is simple there are vinyls everywhere! Whether it's Patti Smith at the 307, in the punks' shack, Pink Floyd during the bang scene. And even from the first scene, when Jake moves a bin of records, in which we can recognize a Devo or the first CSN.

When Massimo young goes to his best friend's house, they listen to Highway Star by Deep Purple at full volume. He then shows him his vinyls: the first King Crimson, Machine Head by Deep Purple, ...We even see pictures hanging on the wall: the inside cover of 'In the court..', the alternative cover of Space Oddity (1972 reissue), Atom Heart Mother,

Since the movie is mainly about that, of course there are vinyls everywhere.

There are vinyls in Annie's apartment, when Alvy first goes there. By the way they are stacked, what an idea!

Clara's apartment is full of vinyls, which will be featured in several scenes of the film. A nephew and his girlfriend rummaging through the collection, party scenes, or simply the pleasure of putting a record on the turntable to enjoy it properly.

Ryan Gosling, an unconditional jazz fan, collects them at home. He even practices, during a scene, to play the piano over a record he is listening to.

From the beginning, the father (Jacques Gamblin) wants to recover the room of the first son to leave the house to put his records in it, and to make a big wall with vinyls. But we especially remember the scene of nostalgia when one of the sons returns to his room and brings out all his period decorations, including the record player

Becka works from time to time at the campus radio station, where she has to put records in their place (there is a short sleeveface session during the film). We even see the cover of 'Hunky Dory' (but you have to have a good eye). She also has vinyls in her student room. And a little more: on the door of her room, a poster of Roky Erickson and the Black Angels.

Jamie's character has a monstrous collection! And when Ben Stiller picks up a random record in this wall of vinyls, you can recognize a Kinks.

Surprise number: "Labyrinth" by Wes Ball, new invention: the single use record player. It blows everything up at the end of the face. Practical!

To conclude this article, I believe that vinyl is an object that will make a great comeback for future generations of filmmakers and cinephiles:, but also because I think that movies use music as a narrative element. Adopting vinyl could be an original and not very expensive solution for those who wish to give a new image to their films or their video clips especially.

Today, the film market is using more vinyl than it has ever used since its release in the mid-1970s. The format can be applied to a variety of applications and is available in an endless array of options. The vinyl box has a promising future, and its reliability as an alternative to other audio media is only growing with time.