Top 5 of the out-of-this-world vinyl types (that we can produce)!

Top 5 of the out-of-this-world vinyl types (that we can produce)!

Jul 6, 2022

Vinyl has benefited from an unprecedented resurgence of interest in recent years. Now exceeding CD sales, this product is increasingly unavoidable in the libraries of music lovers worldwide - whether you have found them at your local record store or on your favorite online shop… (see what I did there.)

This regain in popularity comes with its share of novelties and always more extravagant design. Just like this incredible vinyl created from a circular saw by singer The Weeknd, or the smallest vinyl in the world, here are 5 vinyl records that are totally out of the ordinary! The good news being that we know how to produce them here, at Diggers Factory 😉


5. The Flexi disc


The flexi disc has an unequivocal name: this curious vinyl made of plastic, generally 7 inches in diameter, has the particularity of being super flexible. It bends without breaking, but spins smoothly on a standard turntable. An excellent anti-stress, which although quite popular during the golden age of vinyl - from the 60s to the 80s - did not really stick with the general public: this is mainly due to its restrictive format, allowing you to put very little music on it.

However, it is now possible to reconnect with this very original vinyl! We can cite for instance the initiative of extreme music specialist magazine The Decibel, which via the Flexi Series project produces exclusive flexi discs of metal bands. See for yourself: this type of vinyl has well and truly come back to life and will be sure to catch the eye.

4. The Picture disc


Picture discs are vinyl records that have an image printed on the entire surface of the disc. During the engraving process, a plastic sheet containing the image is inserted between the matrix and is pressed onto the PVC disc (including the label): the microgrooves are therefore less deep than on standard vinyl. As a result, the sound rendering is also significantly less qualitative.

That doesn't stop it from being a very nice and aesthetically pleasing item, but let's face it - it's more suited to shock and flex than for close listening! See above with the Diggers project “Space Tribe” which transports us to the strangest corners of psytrance.

3. The shaped vinyl


Have you ever wanted to let your imagination run free using your best drawing skills? That's great, we too believe that vinyl should not be limited to its round shape. A "shaped vinyl" is just the perfect item for a limited and collector's edition. Whatever your desire for the final shape of the disc - as long as it's technically possible (and all your music can fit on it), we can make it happen!

Many shaped vinyl records have made a big impression: that of B.R.A.M - Broccoli for example, which as its name suggests follows the shape of the vegetable, the single Living In Another World by Talk Talk with its more than enigmatic design, or the incredible Batman vinyl. Whether or not we adhere to the artistic choices that led to such a result, we can still salute the creativity! At Diggers, for example, we were able to create a hexagonal-shaped vinyl for the Lowly Palace compilation project.

2. The bloody vinyl


Whether you're a big fan of the most glaucous horror films of the Septième Art, or even an aficionado of metal brutality in all its inventiveness: perhaps it has already crossed your mind to acquire a vinyl covered with blood. Look no further: it is possible, and has been done before! Meredith Graves, for example, of the American group Perfect Pussy, injected her own blood into no less than 300 vinyl records of the Say Yes To Love album.

We can already hear you shout in indignation behind your screen: don't panic, at Diggers, we don't make sacrifices on the altar to obtain the famous "bloody vinyl" effect. It's actually a quite complex process, consisting of hand molding each side of the vinyl separately, then inserting a central part into which is poured an artificial liquid that looks like blood. Once finalized, the “oiled” rendering of the vinyl is very convincing. See for yourself with this vinyl from the Mortal Kombat franchise (Enjoy The Ride Records).

1. The holographic vinyl


The holographic effect is essential when you want to embark on less traditional pressing techniques to pimp your vinyl! In order to obtain this rendering, the hologram is engraved by hand on the disc: the desired relief patterns are copied onto a material such as silver foil, using a heated press. The foil is then applied to the disc to create the hologram, usually only on a small area due to the prohibitive cost of this technique.

One of the most spectacular examples in recent years is undoubtedly Tristan Duke's work on the Star Wars: The Force Awakens soundtrack. Once running, the vinyl reveals the 3D holograms of the famous Millennium Falcon and TIE Fighter ships. A pleasure for our peepers and a real technical feat! The method consists in mathematically breaking down the images into dots which are then etched onto the vinyl so that when the record spins and is hit by light, these dots create a “floating” 3D object, viewed from any angle. Proceed with caution however: such a rendering comes with a very expensive price!

In conclusion ...

As we have seen, there are many ways to appropriate your vinyl record. With this infinitely customizable item, it is possible to bring many of your wildest ideas to life! Do not hesitate any longer and contact us to find out more. You can also consult our two pressing solutions: direct pressing and pre-order to start your adventure with us!