21 artists to freshen up your summer

21 artists to freshen up your summer

Jun 21, 2021

You can now feel the warm summer breeze, listen to the sound of waves crashing on the shore, eat outdoors with friends and family, and spend your day filled with laughter and good vibes … life is finally coming back to a (new) normal. Summer starts today, June 21st … get rowdy for a summer filled with rhythm ;)

Ready to discover hidden gems that make your summer ten times more exciting?
Then you’ve come to the right place.

Tez Cadey

Let’s start with Tez Cadey! His new EP "No Place I Call Home" has pop and colorful sounds. It is a quest for freedom with a simple message: love is dancing!


Pas Sages

Pas Sages is two friends, Virgil and Pablo, with a French pop style and common passions: California, summer sports, Japan and its cars.
A surfers' chill and cool synths...a killing summer vibe perfect for a beachy day!


Maddie Jay

For Maddie Jay, being an artist is a holistic pursuit... She creates her music herself, studying every facet of writing, melody and production. The result? A colorful and eccentric set!



Mozambo is a duo of DJs and producers from Marseilles who are definitely groovy: a fusion between old school, the French touch and house music. "Crazy Beef" is here to bring delight to your summer … this is Marseille, baby.



Another electronic artist except this time from Germany!

Rezident leaves aside his beats that he calls "commercial" and comes to create his own universe! A meeting point between dancefloor and spirituality, between celebration and therapy... Go check it out, you won’t regret it.


Ideal Rules

Between jazz, minimal, lo-fi, melodic, futuristic and deep house, Mineral Records and Roche Musique illustrate the richness of house music. It's the perfect musical background for dancing, fantasizing, creating your own harmony in the world, and following our own rules.


Soleil Bleu

Arthur Jacquin (musician, actor) and Lou Lesage (singer, actress) are in love. It was love at first sight, the first glimmer of a sun on the horizon. From this love and complicity was born a musical project: pop, electric, catchy and soaring, all in French and sprinkled with mystical references!



Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville are not only best friends and bandmates, they are also songwriters, producers and creative directors of their musical project: Ider! An alchemy that transcends energies and takes us into thousands of emotions!

Shame was written during the lockdown in Berlin and the message is simple: self-acceptance is achieved by overcoming shame.



Kodomo means "child" in Japanese, it is also the artist’s name of electronic music producer and composer Chris Child now based in Brooklyn!
Frozen in Motion is an ambient project, between dreaminess and race after life!



You’ve already known her for years without realizing it. She is the author of "FourFiveSeconds" by Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney, "Die With You" by Beyoncé, "Only One" by Kanye West and Paul McCartney, "Break Your Heart Right Back" by Ariana Grande (...) has gone solo!
In "Sis", Kirby presents her own vision of modern soul: live instruments, melodic prowess with her voice, lyrics so beautiful they will make you tear up.


Oscar Scheller

Accepting the pain and turning it into strength, love and compassion. It’s a testament to his manhood. It’s Oscar Scheller. For his third album, he opens up about his insecurities, traumas, and heartaches. An internal dialogue that he offers to his audience to give them the possibility to understand his flaws.
We love him, and so will you:


Pierre III

Cluster is 2 x 20 minutes of uninterrupted music, entirely written, recorded and mixed by Pierre during lockdown. A journey between dream and spontaneous adventures: when it's dark outside, the light you are looking for is inside.



Glimlip & Yasper

Undertones combines influences from jazz, funk, soul and instrumental hip-hop in 20 tracks. For this project, the two producers Lo-Fi Glimlip and Yasper surrounded themselves with the best jazz contemporaries and managed to capture their creativity!
A project that is worth your while!



An album of a friend’s reunion that fulfills the mission the band has always set for itself: let the music speak! Télépopmusik brings its new wave with pop and synths to make us dance and love: an inimitable signature.



Akai Solo manages to make a mix of hip-hop, rap and soul that is totally addictive! Largely inspired by Kid Cudi as "alternative, eccentric black person who tries to convey his emotions and story without compromising himself.”, he occupies a significant presence in the world of Hip Hop today. His lyrics are like a stream of thoughts, a dive into his own consciousness... To lose yourself and love it :



La goutte d'encre was released 10 years ago. It's the first album of uZine and became a classic of underground rap. At the time, they were just rap enthusiasts who formed a group and kicked around Montreuil, but with their hard-hitting pen, their energy and their independence in the way they managed to build their nickname "the cult" which would become a concept within the group and its aesthetic: "the Z."



MNNQNS is the French band that will awaken your love of punk! Deviant By Ego' is a phase of evolution, a transition between one's former self and future growth gained through experiences...



iNTeLL is part of the 2nd generation of Wu, and for good reason, he is the son of Wu-Tang Clan member U-God, no less.
"This is the album I was made to do, the album my dad told me to do for 10 years," iNTeLL tells us. "It's my Sistine Chapel as a lyricist and as a sound engineer.".


Sang d’encre

Diggers has the honor of pressing the mythical project "Sang d'encre" produced by Jean Pierre Seck (at the origin of the label 45 Scientific, along with his associates Ali, Geraldo and Booba). A legendary K7, promising of "lyrics, impros, and clash unpublished and explosive!" with the cream of the crop of the time.


Maja Lena

The Keeper tells haunting stories, full of emotions, challenges, life lessons, existentialism, escape, daydreams as well as alternative lives and our relationship with time.
Maja Lena does not leave anyone indifferent. From the cover, which she made herself, to her stunning vocal performances, discover her singular universe on a background of indie folk.


Cyrille Aimée

To finish, a little sweetness with the sweet voice of Cyrille Aimée accompanied on guitar by his long-time collaborator: Michael Valeanu. This duo now settled in New Orleans does not forget its roots, and you will find among covers of American Jazz standards a sublime interpretation of La Javanaise by Gainsbourg.


We hope we inspired you to freshen up your collection this summer. Enjoy!