(the sounds of) kaleidoscope

United States

The Washington, D.C., band (The Sounds Of) Kaleidoscope was formed by Damien C. Taylor in 1995, but it was only sporadically active in its first few years, with many personnel changes and privately distributed cassettes. Finally, Taylor landed the rhythm section of Douglas Bailey (The Ropers, The Still) on bass and Alex Hacker (Lilys, The Ropers) on drums. This would prove to be the core lineup through their DC era. After releasing two EP’s; 2002’s “These Are...”, and 2004’s “can and do what they will”, they were joined by Edward Donahue (The Carlsonics, Donny Hue and the Colors) on guitar and Brian Kalkbrenner (The Failed Henry Winkler Pilot) on Farfisa and percussion. Together, this lineup yielded 2005’s “from where you were to how you got there”. After the departure of Donahue and Kalkbrenner, Mike Hirst joined on guitar for 2009’s “All This Heaven”, an album plagued by repeated delayed vinyl release dates in the US which ultimately slowed international release. Having relocated to Philadelphia in 2007, Taylor and Hirst rebuilt the band with Christian McAllen (Lilys, Shitty Wizard) on bass and Tim Plunkett (Gondola, Hi-Soft, Flash Hits) for 2010’s “Freezer-Burn in the Fever Fields”. (the sounds of) kaleidoscope ultimately dissolved and played their final show in the spring of 2012.
(the sounds of) kaleidoscope - the first two ep’s
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