United States

Kainalu is a psychedelic funk recording project by independent multi-instrumentalist and producer Trent Prall. Drawing influence from modern psychedelia and classic motown artists he grew up listening to, Kainalu’s unique sound has gained international appeal. Kainalu’s core is rooted in Prall’s Japanese-Hawaiian heritage; the word roughly translating to ocean waves, but more personally the concept of the ocean rising and breaking down the islands through time and the impermanence of life. Kainalu explores this meaning through both its sound and visuals. Joined by a guitarist, Joe Waldbillig, bassist, Evan Nelson, drummers, Matthew Allen and Julian Russell and conguero, Aaron Gochberg, Prall creates a more jam-oriented live interpretation of his recorded music. Kainalu’s sophomore album, “Ginseng Hourglass,” is out November 4, 2022.
Kainalu - Ginseng Hourglass