Dean Demanuele - Summer Blue


Dean Demanuele - Summer Blue
Dean Demanuele
Dean Demanuele - Not Just Talk
Dean Demanuele
Dean Demanuele - Mental Love
Dean Demanuele
Dean Demanuele - Manly
Dean Demanuele
Böse Mädchen—Rishko & Scuzie RMX
Dean Demanuele



Summer Blue: A percussive down tempo groovy track which rolls into a slow progression with big basslines and high alegent notes. A story teller which works perfectly also in a club sound system. The deep vocals add the perfect spice to the driving synths in the breaks which makes the track so unique and catchy at the same time.

Manly: As the title name states this track is a more powerful cut, ready for the night time as soon as the mood is set. Big synths are key with powerful shakers to accompany the desire to dance. A meaner cut but still subtle as a pure Dean Demanuele track. An electronic musician’s dream becomes reality if you ask me.

Mental Love: This must be mental to listen to live. Mental love is a club track with groove and emotional synths driving you to the unknown. This track will be on loop on a lot of people’s phones and music playlists. A sure dancefloor killer with a pleasant ring to it. Top.

Not Just Talk: Last but not least, this big room track is for the real dancefloor fanatics. A raw desire for liberation inspired by the high synths and low bass, accompanying the stomping percussion. Sounds popping out of nowhere to make your heart beat even more. It’s not just talk, it’s classy power all in one.