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Millioke - Backbone - Limited Edition Vinyl


L'Appel de la Forêt
Southern Wedding


  • Artist : Backbone
  • Label : Animal Records
  • Format : 1 x EP 12" (g)
  • CountryFrance
  • GenresElectronicaSoulTrip Hop
  • Pressing300 Copies


A big house in the suburbs of Paris. A lot of names printed on the lease, and many more around. Ideas too, and an emerging project soon. It’s a collective childbirth recalled by « Seteka », Backbone’s first EP. A sensual rythm resulting from a mix between Electronic and Accoustic musics.

Jon, co-founder of Animal records, singer & electronic drummer of Backbone : « When we created our first EP 2 years ago, it seemed logical to give it a name relating to Choisy-le-Roi city, where we’ve spent so much time. Seteka refered to C, T, K that is to say « Choisy The King »… Obviously a practical joke and at the same time a reference to where everything started for us ! »

For the second EP, no more references to the orignal home. « Milioke » records title, is a word in algonquin language (from Quebec) that could be qualified by the following terms : « pursuit of beautifulness », « pursuit of the pleasant earth ». From these limitless new places, we feel to be ourselves. Lauriane, the female soul voice of the quartet : « We’re very proud of this EP. And first of all we have that feeling that it resembles us very much »
If this record give the impression to fit as much to its creators, it’s probably because our masterword is « Instantaneous », instant composition that we don’t think firstly but which imposes itself on itself.

Jon : « Unlike « Seteka » composed on computer by adding successively new touches, we created the titles of this EP during our rehearsals without any preconceptions. » Max (Guitar & Synth) : « About Seteka, we recorded the tracks first and after we’d begun to think of the live performance. For this EP it was the opposite ! »

A change in the way to compose is visible (« but nothing is fixed », specifies Max) but the Ep is however in the logical continuity of the first one. Particularly in this quest for perfection and the will of let it go (« My solo on « Universe », I did it 1560 times before decide myself ! » Confess Max).

Backbone evolved pretty much between these 2 EP, to finally create sounds of extrem sensibility carry on by electronic music, rock, soul, and both new-wave and R&B. We can recognize our wish of sharing by bringing people onto an atmosphere of mystery and introspection. In the band we know the words of consensus and collegiality. It’s really important for us because « there is no leader », when there is a divergence of point of view we deal with it by voting.

Animal Records


Bête curieuse, hyperactive, gourmande, aussi à l’aise derrière un synthé qu’à l’arrière d’un fourneau, boulimique de découvertes et généreuse, cet Animal [Records] là n’est pas farouche.

Fondé en 2014 par quatre jeunes passionnés d’horizons différents (musiciens, ingénieurs du son, chefs cuisiniers), le label se donne comme mission, outre le fait d’accompagner de jeunes groupes dans leur développement, de rapprocher le monde de la cuisine à celui de la musique.

Résolument tourné vers la musique électronique, Animal Records n’a pas de frontière ni de langage. A travers son catalogue d’artistes et ses événements, la volonté affichée est de stimuler tous vos sens et de soutenir la musique indépendante !