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      Various Artists
        Brazilian EDM Series: Sul & Sudeste

        Brazilian EDM Series: Sul & Sudeste

        Various Artists

        #Electro#Electronica#Progressive House
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        1.Veick - Dark Soul (Original Mix)04:37
        2.Wreek - Make Me Dance (Original Mix)04:07
        3.Alsh - Lights (Original Mix)04:33
        4.2cookies - Faroest Boys (Original Mix)03:56
        5.Rotelli - Grenade (Original Mix)04:37
        6.Over Jack - For My Soul (Original Mix)04:33
        7.OSC4R - Stages Of Life (Original Mix)04:15
        8.Mewtwo - The Black (Original Mix)04:00
        9.SL Complex Feat. Nathan Brumley - My Sanctuary (Original Mix)06:01
        10.BL - Rematch (Original Mix)04:26
        11.Jagger - Bigorrilho (Original Mix)06:45
        12.Veick - Lost In My Mind (Original Mix)03:33
        13.Gui Ferreira Feat. Nathan Brumley - Faded Song (Original Mix)05:00
        14.RIBB - Journey (Original Mix)04:15
        15.Plinio Silva & Dakside - Colors (Original Mix)05:41
        16.Alsh - JMP (Original Mix)04:56
        17.Basskick - War (Original Mix)04:37
        18.Rotelli - Ultravoice (Original Mix)05:00
        19.Deck - Welcome (Original Mix)03:55
        20.John Alves - Jump Up (Original Mix)05:06
        21.RIBB - Blessing (Original Mix)04:50
        22.No!zeJ - Party Hard (Original Mix)04:03
        23.John Alves - Power First (Original Mix)04:25
        24.Delavy & Vinnii Miranda - Young Hearts (Original Mix)04:26
        25.BL & Synthetic Disc - Burning Drop (Original Mix)05:03
        26.John Alves - In The World Live (Original Mix)06:14
        27.Synthetic Disc - H3aven (Original Mix)04:35
        28.RedSkins' - Concrete Jungle (Original Mix)04:41
        29.RedSkins' - We Fight (Original Mix)05:16
        30.RedSkins' - Don't Panic (Original Mix)04:06
        31.Dropcandy & Danni - Origins (Original Mix)03:49
        32.Gannyx & John Alves - Infinity (Original Mix)03:38
        33.OSC4R - Happy (Original Mix)04:33
        34.Theoxys - I'm Back (Original Mix)03:22
        35.Alsh - Feeling (Original Mix)05:00
        36.Plinio Silva - Samba (Original Mix)05:03
        37.Clonek - Raise Your Hands (Original Mix)03:26
        38.Over Jack - We Again (Original Mix)03:53
        39.MBeat - Feel The Moment (Original Mix)05:37
        40.No!zeJ - Sax (Original Mix)03:52
        41.Plinio Silva - Recharge (Original Mix)06:34
        42.Gui Ferreira - To Live (Original Mix)05:23



        We're very excited to start this great series !!! We have thousands of talents unknown even by many people here in this "Continent" that is Brazil. We arrived to show everyone the potential of the Brazilian producers of the big room progressive / house / melbourne, in fact the whole EDM. We must not give up our dreams of what we like even taking into account the fall that occurred in the movement .. we have to value the potential we have in our country and always have perseverance and strength to fight and consequently achieve happiness! "Brazilian EDM Series" is the answer that EDM will not die in our country !!!

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        Júlio César Rodrigues (Musiklover)
        Diggers Factory

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        Estimated delivery date : 6/5/2017

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        Júlio César Rodrigues (Musiklover)
        Diggers Factory