Inland Knights - Shake
    Inland Knights
    Inland Knights - Shake (Bohemia Remix)
    Inland Knights
    Inland Knights - Last Nite (Snippet)
    Inland Knights
    Inland Knights - Last Nite (Mike Millrain Mix)
    Inland Knights
    Inland Knights - Shake (Tommy Largo Remix)
    Inland Knights


    Hi! Energy brings you as our 2d vinyl release the legendary : Inland Knights !

    Is it necessary to present the UK Duo ?

    Well, For those who have missed the train, here a little overview :

    Inland Knights AKA Andy Riley and Laurence Ritchie. Dj's, Producers and label owners of Drop Music, Borrowed and Raise Recordings.

    Ritchie and Riley hail from Nottingham UK, a city with a rich musical legacy, particularly for House Music.They met in '93 and cut their teeth Dj'ing for Smokescreen, the renegade sound system from which they drew their early inspiration. Smokescreen consisted of dj's, lighting people, sound people, a truck, a P.A, a generator and general helpers. Old warehouses, woodland, fields, quarries and houses were utilized with the sole intention of having a good time.... for free! By the mid 90's smokescreen could guarantee a crowd of hundreds in attendance at their parties, and their club nights became local institutions that ran for years with packed dancefloors, and still do to this day!

    Thanks to all who have supported us so far and will support us in our mission to spread a new ethic in the music industry. The artist has to be at the center for a better equity!

    Hi! Energy Records

    Hi! Energy Records is a french label focused on the highly energetic House Music.
    We aim to replace the artists to the center with equity, to get over the styles, it's only about Electronic Music !

    With digital and vinyl distribution and branded sample packs as our main activities, it's a small part of what we are about to create with you !

    Music is Energy. Hi! Energy doesn't set any limits. Even if the philosophy of the label is to promote electronic music, any energetic music is highly appreciated! Underground or not!

    Our Artists roaster includes :

    • Scott Diaz (Simma Black, Loopmasters, Connectd, Defected)
    • Inland Knights (Drop Music)
    • Moshun - Kinky Movement
    • GRECO NYC (Simma Black, Nervous)
    • Angelo Ferreri (Nervous, GuestHouse)
    • Marc Cotterell (Plastik People, Simma Black)
    • Rescue (GuestHouse)
    • Demarkus Lewis (GuestHouse, Grin Trax)
    • Angelo Scalici (Simma Black, In Stereo)
    • Demuir
    • Ross Couch
    • Alek Soltirov (Nervous, Salted)
    • CEV's
    • Mike Millrain (Soul Revolution, SIMMA BLACK)
    • Sebb Junior
    • Etc....

    You are free to contact us for any request :