Broken Clocks - If you get lost - produced by Paolo Baldini DubFiles - Numbered edition


Side A
Side B
Digital Bonus Tracks
If you get lost
Broken Clocks
Sold !
Broken Clocks
Before you leave
Broken Clocks
Broken Clocks
You say
Broken Clocks
Sold ! Dub (Paolo Baldini DubFiles version)
Broken Clocks


  • Artist : Broken Clocks
  • Label : Broken Clocks Label
  • Format : 1 x 12" (180g)
  • CountryItaly
  • GenresDubReggaeRoots Reggae
  • Estimated shipping dateSeptember 2024


“If You Get Lost” is our second EP, produced and recorded by Paolo Baldini DubFiles, Alambic Conspiracy Studio.

The new work has reached its final stages and comes to light through a series of single releases that progressively create the complete form we aim to illuminate, complemented by visual support that takes the shape of a pattern.
The choice was deliberate and revolves around a pressing contemporary theme: whether and how the era of increasingly advanced computing, in its most modern form known as artificial intelligence, can coexist with themes of the past and tradition, keeping them alive in spirit as well as in form.

Thus, the warm colors, reminiscent of the group’s musical roots, take on new shapes and fit into a context that, while replicating the standardization resulting from serial production, still manages to evoke pleasant aesthetic sensations by riding the wave of renewal and through the meeting of tradition and modernity.

We see technology and the future as opportunities to reaffirm the themes dear to us, provided that their use is under the strict control of duly educated and sensitive consciences, a concept put at risk by a system that unscrupulously authorizes commercial demands to take precedence and to reduce even the most authentic and profound forms of expression to mere spectacle.

Enjoy the sonic adventure!

Performed by Broken Clocks
Recorded at Alambic Conspiracy Studio
Produced by Paolo Baldini DubFiles
Mastered by Giovanni Versari La maestà studio
Graphics by Miko

Broken Clocks

Broken Clocks, a reggae band born from the desire to share a message, that of reclaiming the slow passage of time, paying proper attention to those emotions offered by the solemn times and rhythms that enhance and enrich life.

Their music, with an international breath, is a call to the past, rooted in the purest and most glorious area of reggae music, the Anglo/Jamaican Golden Age that has brought eternal successes to this day.

The expression “Less is more” is the right representation of their sound where each noise finds its rightful place.

The strong need to share their work led them in March 2023 to independently release “In this city”, their debut EP, receiving excellent feedback and leading the band to consolidate their live experience by opening the concert for Forelock at the Festa del Maron 2022.

They participated in the selections for the Bababoom Contest 2023, ranking first in the initial phase, thus opening the concert for Alborosie and Shengen Clan at the Bababoom Festival of the same year, the final performance earned them first place and Broken Clocks thus won the most important Italian reggae contest.

After the live appointments, they returned to the studio to finalize what will be their 2nd EP, produced and artistically directed by Paolo Baldini and recorded entirely inside the Alambic Conspiracy Studio.