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La Plage - Outsiders vs Klement Bonelli - Limited Edition Vinyl


La Plage (Klement Bonelli Cala d'Hort Mix)
Outsiders vs Klement Bonelli
La Plage (Original Mix)
Outsiders vs Klement Bonelli



Supported by Laurent Garnier, Ivan Smagghe, Mr G, Luciano ...

French duo Outsider are joined by fellow countryman Klement Bonelli to offer up their first release on Atal Music 'La Plage'.

Outsiders aka Anna Galactica and Maxim Ohm make up an exciting new pairing based out of Paris, and partner up with ever impressing Frenchman Klement Bonelli on their first project 'La Plage'.

As a switch up from the norm, Klement Bonelli's 'Cala d'Hort Mix' opens the release with a skillfully crafted production that grows and evolves thought its near 8 minutes. The Original mix from Outsiders is a chubby raw cut that establishes the duo's intentions with a combination of ever intensifying percussion and thumping 4x4 kicks combined alongside a thunderous lead line.