Out of Orbit - OOO / Wisdom of the Crowds


BUNDLE OPTION with both albums.

Shamanic Tales are thrilled to present you with “OOO”, the new album from Out of Orbit. Out of Orbit is the brainchild of Eitan Reiter, a prolific and diverse musician and producer, and this is his second album release with us.

For this project Eitan took the strongest Out of Orbit tracks from the last few years and few new additions and dived into the core of Out of Orbit, stripping the music to its essence and re-arranging it to be more communicative and dancefloor oriented. This is why it is called “OOO”. The tracks are simplified and much more defined, and the level and precision of sound, structure and production are on a higher orbit for sure. The album combines new futuristic production values with the sound and musical influences that started Acid House, Techno & Goa Trance in the late 80s and beginning of the 90s.

In the last years Eitan produced many different people and styles, and took part in very successful and at times highly commercial projects. In this album he essentially tried to produce himself and arrange his own music, demanding from himself what he got used to demand from others. So in essence this is a very different album with very different tracks and he worked much harder on these tracks, trying to get to the highest level of arrangement and dancefloor effect. The outcome is a wholesome and highly dancefloor-effective adventure in sound.

Out of Orbit