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Uncharted Territory
Uncharted Territory
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Uncharted Territory



The vinyl presents 3 tracks taken from 'Uncharted Territory' forthcoming album titled “925”, where each tune showcases what Uncharted Territory is all about.

Track 1 - 'Loopshelonigmar' is a playful, forward-thinking 150 bpm stomper of a tune that infuses a dancefloor approach, Mind melting robotic vocals (by the boys and their notorious Roland SVC-350 Vocoder), and an endless array of old-school synthesizers peaking throughout the whole piece.

Track 2 - 'Odyssey' showcases their love for 90s acid music. Melodic 303 lines blended with a futuristic 909 drum pattern are meant to transport the listener into an unknown, unexplored mix between the old, the current, and the future. A lysergic acidic emotional mayhem of a trip.

Track 3 - Bonus Track - 'Supermassive' carries the name with the utmost respect.
A Minimalistic production using the Roland SH-5, the Oberheim SEM and a simple drum pattern, all recorded using a “1 take” approach, with a wink towards Goa classics.
Burned, psychedelic, mean, and RAW.

Uncharted Territory

Uncharted Territory is a dynamic and innovative psychedelic electronic duo consisting of Shahaf Efrat (Freedom Fighters) and Asaf Tsemach (Modus). The duo's journey began in 2022 after the success of their previous collaborations, "Drumville" and "Uncharted Territory."
Their music is a unique blend of high-energy, up-tempo, and futuristic psychedelic dance floor music, infused with elements from the early days of acid music. Uncharted Territory's sound is characterized by its ability to transport listeners to uncharted territories, where they can explore the unknown and experience the unexpected.
The duo's mission is to connect the essence of acid music with a futuristic approach and an endless amount of humor. Their music is a reflection of their passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in electronic music, while also maintaining a sense of playfulness and joy.