Andy Emme - To the Moon and Back - Numbered edition


Side A
To The Moon And Back (Vocal Mix)
Andy Emme
Side B
To The Moon And Back (Instrumental Mix)
Andy Emme


  • Artist : Andy Emme
  • Label : NDM Music
  • Format : 1 x 12" (140g)
  • CountryItaly
  • GenresDiscoItalo-DiscoNu-Disco
  • Estimated shipping dateAugust 2024


This is the most intimistic and personal record from the Andy's mind. "To the Moon And Back", written in one night's time (music and lyrics) is an hymn, an extreme expression of hope in the future and a encouraging theme to the ones that that wants to give up following their dreams.

Andy Emme

Andy Emme (real name Andrea Marchi), born in 1991 in Italy is a dj since 2004 and musical producer since 2010 when he learn this work in some musical recording studios. In the 2012 he found with his father Alex Valentini the NDM STUDIOS, a musical reality that works on today. In 2014 Andy discover his talent for composing and in managing the sounds of the 80s writing a song for his father called "It's Time". With the following records "Thunderlove" and "See You Again" he reached some important positions in world's best italo disco new generation charts.