Fiend International Jones - Tennis Shoes and Tuxedos - Numbered edition


Side A
Chinatown Intro
Fiend International Jones
Tennis Shoes and Tuxedos
Fiend International Jones
We Whats Happenin (Feat. Big Krit & Smoke Dza)
Fiend International Jones
Sweet Mary Jane (Feat. Myron)
Fiend International Jones
Cross The Atlantic
Fiend International Jones
Cali-Fornia (Feat. Cornerboy P)
Fiend International Jones
Paradise (Feat. Raphael RJ2)
Fiend International Jones
Side B
Fiend International Jones
Coupe Conversing (Feat. Trademark Da Skydyver & Cornerboy P)rade
Fiend International Jones
Good Azz Time (Feat. Jean Lephare & Lil Doobies
Fiend International Jones
Luvin Life (Feat. Currensy)
Fiend International Jones
James Bond Benz
Fiend International Jones
A Day at the Office
Fiend International Jones



International Jones is like if Louis Armstrong horn could rap and listening to the Neville Brothers in the Trap. Congo Square in Rare Form.

Fiend International Jones
United States


If ever there were two perfect words that best describe Louisiana
based recording artist/entrepreneur Fiend (aka International Jones), they would
be simply: renaissance man. With two gold records, a Grammy nomination, a
successful independent record label, a lucrative management company, a
budding boutique clothing line and a burgeoning film company under his
belt, Fiend embodies what a successful modern day music industry
entrepreneur is all about – versatility.
Ask Fiend (aka Sleepy Eyes Jones) what is the secret to his continued success in
this business and he will tell you, it is family and the burning desire to further his
musical legacy. "My primary motivation is my family because I know that my
success places them in a secure position financially. My second motivation is
advancing my legacy as an artist, musician and industry entrepreneur. I want to
push the envelope and show the world that there are still artists out here who
can record cutting edge music that is rooted in the past, standing in the present
while branching out into the future. I call it Aqua Soul because it’s made for below
sea level music lovers.” It is this Aqua Soul music that has been taking the
Hollygrove, New Orleans native to unprecedented heights for well over
fifteen years.
Fiend began his career in earnest when he was just a teenager, who
landed a spot freestyling on New Orleans’s hottest radio station,
Q-93. From there, he was signed to local record label, Big Boy Records, where he
released an LP entitled The Baddest Mutha Alive, which instantly became
a regional classic – one that is still highly sought after by serious
collectors of New Orleans hip hop. Regrettably, Fiend’s tenure with
his first label was cut short when the label folded, leaving Fiend
without a home until 1997, when he inked a deal with Master P’s No Limit
During his tenure with No Limit, Fiend appeared on over 20 gold and
platinum No Limit albums including his two solo LPs the rowdy ghetto
tome, There’s One in Every Family, and the deeply introspective Street

Life; both albums achieved gold status. In addition to be a recording
artist, he also wrote hooks and verses for various No Limit acts
including Master P himself. Unfortunately, Fiend felt that he
wasn’t quite getting the money or respect that he deserved, so he left
No Limit and formed his own independent label FE Entertainment where
he could expand his musical horizons and gain the full financial
benefits of his musical skills. “After leaving No Limit, it was
only right to start a company to further my art for me and others.”
Under his fledging independent label, FE Entertainment, Fiend released five
albums totaling over 600.000 units independently. Chief among his indie
releases is the Headbussa’s (a super group that includes 3-6 Mafia’s
DJ Paul and Juicy J) with the lead single, "That’s How It Happen to Em" 
 selling over 400,000 Soundscan units. His underground compilation
project Can I Burn Vol. 1 sold 50,000 units soundscan while Vol. 2
sold slightly over 50,000 units and counting. The Go Hard or Go Home
compilation sold over 50.000 units Soundscan. In addition to selling over 50.000
units, The Addiction LP, garnered Fiend major accolades as a producer.
From there, Fiend landed a publishing deal with Mike Caren of Atlantic
Records. Caren teamed him up with producer Jim Jonsin and the two
wrote Twister’s hit single entitled “Girl Tonight.” The song went on
to become a top ten single. Fiend also earned a Grammy nomination for
Best Rap Single for Lil Wayne’s “Don’t Get It (Misunderstood)” from the his
classic LP The Carter III. He continued working with Caren and Atlantic Records
as a writer and A & R where, according to him, he “discovered a lot of
talent and made a lot people wealthy.”
In 2002, he and his childhood friend Mousa Hamdan formed a management
firm called Street Customs Management. Today the firm boasts a small
but impressive roster of artists including Fiend, Currency, Cornerboy
P, Parradox and the Jet Life Crew. In addition, they manage the
production team Beats How U Want’m, who have produced tunes for
Flo-Rida, Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, Bobby Valentino and Hurricane
Chris. In 2010, Street Customs co-organized all three of the Smoke Club
tours and organized all three of the Jet Life tours, the first of which had 53

out of 57 cities both in the US and Europe sold out. Street Customs organizes at
least two tours per year.
Two years later, Fiend introduced his own line of designer t-shirts
called Sleepy Bear T's. “Sleepy Eyes is an option of fresh for cool
people,” says Fiend. “When you wear Sleepy Bear Clothing you never
compromise your fresh.” Currently Sleepy Bear can be purchased at
fine clothing boutiques around the world.
With all of the international exposure that Fiend gained on these tours, his mind
began to expand as did his music. “Traveling the world was the best thing to ever
happen to me. I learned that I had loyal fans in London, Amsterdam, Paris,
Hamburg, etc. that know and love my music. That realization helped to open my
mind to what it means to be a true citizen of the world. That when I started
calling myself International Jones, because I am truly international.” In 2007,
Fiend introduced the name International Jones on two of Trick Daddy’s songs,
“Lights Out” and “Booty Doo” on the LP Back by Thug Demand. International
Jones introduces the laid-back, velvet-smooth, rich baritone vocals that Fiend is
known for (think Street Life) over cool jazzy hip hop music that appeals to both
young and old alike.
In 2011, Fiend became an official affiliate of Currency’s Jet Life Crew and began
dropping hot verses on various popular Jet Life projects. He also continues to
drop critically acclaimed LPs and mix tapes both under the names Fiend (Little
Ghetto Boy Vol. 1, Streets Ain’t Safe and 1 st Rolex) and International Jones
(Tennis Shoes & Tuxedoes, Cool is in Session and Life Behind the Limo Glass).

Keeping true to his versatile spirit, Fiend has plans for FE
Entertainment to branch out into films. “We have a couple of good
scripts in development now,” says Fiend who has acted in Master P’s I
Got the Hook Up and did some voiceovers for the character Rosco in
the film. “I’ve got a director on board and as soon as a script is
done to our satisfaction we will be lights, camera, action!” With hot music,
successful tours, a growing fashion empire and feature films on the horizon,
the future looks bright indeed for Fiend.