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  • Artist : Jacques Blech
  • Label : Jacques Blech
  • Format : 1 x 12" (140g)
  • Sleeve : Gatefold
  • CountryFrance
  • GenresPop-RockBrit Pop
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In the summer of 2020, after a dry spell of several years, song writer and guitarist Jacques Blech inspired by friends, family and fellow musiciens, came back to the world of music to write and compose "Continuum", his fourth album.

In collaboration with arranger Yann Morel, ten original pop songs were produced, eight of which now appearing on this vinyl. Music lovers will discover a record offering rock songs, emotional ballads as well as proper English pop tunes. Jacques sang lead vocals and backing, played guitars and keyboards. Yann arranged and mixed the album, played drums, guitars and keys, and sang additional backings. Nicolas Kloss signed the « Skyline » guitar solo. Maxime Kolb ensured the mastering of the full album.

If Jacques’ lyrics clearly address his bond to the electric big city, they also translate his need for creation, from song to song in the continuum of life. Thinking positive but lucid on the evolution of our civilisation, he also writes on the themes of unbridled productivity, impermanence and the urgency to always move forward.

The goodwill and care he has cultivated throughout his career as a songwriter is again palpable on "Continuum" which he originally wrote to soften the frantic rides that our lives have become. Does he hope that his new songs can somewhat sooth our communication deficits and help us keep in touch? Absolutely so. After all, "It's the Symmetry of Love we’re looking for".

Jacques Blech

It was to the works of Mendelssohn, Verdi and Schubert performed by his father, that Jacques, then a child, discovered music. Piano lessons followed but this instrument remained a tool among others for the songwriter he was to become. It was the power of rock music and the energy unleashed by an electric guitar that drove him to learn the instrument, looking up to Slade, the Who and the Rolling Stones. 

As a student, he wrote his first songs including « Over the Hill », an ode to the musical life ahead of him. Then came the years of composition and the first studio sessions in his native Alsace. With his demos in hand Jacques and his rock band « Filigrane » played their first gigs in the nearby clubs and regional rock events.

In the early nineties, the Strasbourg-based label Titan Records signed « Filigrane » for their debut album. TV performances on regional channels started giving the band some visibility with an appearance at the national Disc Fair in Paris.

In 1994, Jacques teamed up with guitarist and arranger René Hemmig and bassist Eric Bixel, who had already worked alongside him in « Filigrane ». He composed and wrote the lyrics of five of the ten songs on his second album « Evening Flight », recorded under the title  « Late Hours » and mixed by London soul singer Blue Rivers.

Early 2000, Jacques wrote and composed an EP, arranged by Mario Tardio and recorded at Audiosoft studios. Guitarist Christian Clua played the lead guitars for these three new songs.

After a long period away from the studios, Jacques enjoyed a refreshed boost of inspiration. He wrote and composed « Rumors on the Town », a third album of twelve tracks released on the music platforms in 2009. Jacques and Deby May shared the lead vocals on this production, once again arranged by Mario Tardio with Christian Clua as soloist. On the occasion of the album's release, director Anna Wirz shot the video for the lead song « Push » available on YouTube under the production name « Weekend On Mars ».

Jacques’ fourth album « Continuum » can now be pre-ordered here on Diggers with a delivery of the vinyl record planned for mid-December, right on time for the holiday season.