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Odd Times is our darkest, heaviest record to date. Yet, within that darkness there is light and levity to be found. Much of the music was written during quarantine, and while some of it reflects the isolation and catastrophobia of that period, the themes on this album pertain more to the constant changing of time. That could mean end times, with a doomsday clock ticking towards the expiration date on our planet, or the beginning of something new.

Working with Havok frontman David Sanchez in a producing role, we challenged ourselves to come up with our heaviest riffs and instrumental interlocking yet. The album is loaded with old school metal, and modern djent-inspired riffage, heavy tribal drumming, crunchy thumping bass with glitched out guitar, math rock sections, horror movie samples, moments of levity and…Odd Times.

United States

lespecial is redefining the term “Power Trio.” The three multi-instrumentals from Connecticut continue to command attention from music critics and fans alike through their national tours highlighted by fierce musicianship, creative showmanship and an engaging live show that leaves audiences exhilarated and hungry for more.

lespecial’s signature blend of “heavy future groove” combines head banging heavy prog-rock riffage with bone rattling 808s and sub synths, taking listeners on a journey to the musical netherworld through esoteric soundscapes punctuated by raw, primal power.