CEV's - Magnetic (Scott Diaz Remix)
    Scott Diaz - Demarkus Lewis - CEV's - Alek Soltirov
    CEV's - Imagine The Limit (Original Mix)
    Scott Diaz - Demarkus Lewis - CEV's - Alek Soltirov
    CEV's - Imagine The Limit (Demarkus Lewis Remix)
    Scott Diaz - Demarkus Lewis - CEV's - Alek Soltirov
    CEV's - Magnetic (Original Mix)
    Scott Diaz - Demarkus Lewis - CEV's - Alek Soltirov
    CEV's - Magnetic (Alek Soltirov 90's Remix)
    Scott Diaz - Demarkus Lewis - CEV's - Alek Soltirov


    Hi! Energy Records, the new CEV's imprint is proud to bring your 1st wave of Energy in Wax!

    Gathering four talented and respected House artists from 4 different countries. They have all a great influence in their respective style :

    Scott Diaz (UK) : Dj, Sound designer (Sample Packs) and Producer with releases on the most respected and trendy UK House, Garage labels like Simma Black, Country Club Disco.

    CEV's (France) : Sound designer (Sample packs), Label Owner (Hi! Energy Records) and Producer for more than 10 years is known for his incredible variety of styles whose has been seen in the House charts as well as for his samples packs.

    Demarkus Lewis (USA) : DJ and Producer : One of the biggest Soulful House Artist on the US scene !

    Alek Soltirov (Macedonia) : DJ and Producer : The emerging talent with releases on Nervous and Salted Records !

    Hi! Energy Records

    Hi! Energy Records is a french label focused on the highly energetic House Music.
    We aim to replace the artists to the center with equity, to get over the styles, it's only about Electronic Music !

    With digital and vinyl distribution and branded sample packs as our main activities, it's a small part of what we are about to create with you !

    Music is Energy. Hi! Energy doesn't set any limits. Even if the philosophy of the label is to promote electronic music, any energetic music is highly appreciated! Underground or not!

    Our Artists roaster includes :

    • Scott Diaz (Simma Black, Loopmasters, Connectd, Defected)
    • Inland Knights (Drop Music)
    • Moshun - Kinky Movement
    • GRECO NYC (Simma Black, Nervous)
    • Angelo Ferreri (Nervous, GuestHouse)
    • Marc Cotterell (Plastik People, Simma Black)
    • Rescue (GuestHouse)
    • Demarkus Lewis (GuestHouse, Grin Trax)
    • Angelo Scalici (Simma Black, In Stereo)
    • Demuir
    • Ross Couch
    • Alek Soltirov (Nervous, Salted)
    • CEV's
    • Mike Millrain (Soul Revolution, SIMMA BLACK)
    • Sebb Junior
    • Etc....

    You are free to contact us for any request :