PRANA - Sense Of Unity - Hand numbered edition


Side A
You Are The Change feat. Sangita Lakhanpal
Side B
Tribal Essence
PRANA feat. Ansoumana Bakayoko
PRANA & Skizologic
Side C
Sense Of Unity
Don’t Open The Box
PRANA & Etnica
Side D
Sense Of Unity - Nick's Slime Mix


  • Artist : PRANA
  • Label : Matsuri Digital
  • Format : 2 x 12" (180g)
  • Sleeve : Gatefold
  • CountryJapan
  • GenresAcidPsyTranceTechno
  • Estimated shipping dateJuly 2024


Matsuri Digital is delighted to announce a release that is sure to thrill trance fans around the world: a vinyl set entitled Sense of Unity devoted to new releases by the iconic psychedelic dance music project Prana.

This three-vinyl volume features tracks by the three musicians from the legendary 90s projects’ two iterations - Nick Taylor, Andy Guthrie, and Tsuyoshi Suzuki - working together to create new productions for the first time.

The release is named after the trio’s first collaborative track, Sense of Unity, which was digitally released in September. The inspiration for the title is twofold, referring both to the unification of the musicians from the two incarnations of the iconic band and to the unity of all of us on this planet.

The title production is accompanied by two previously unreleased tracks by the three musicians alongside other collaborations with Skizologic and Etnica, as well as Nick Taylor’s own remix of Sense of Unity.

The music in this landmark release fuses the distinctive trademark elements of the classic Prana sound along with fresh new sonorities and production techniques. The result is a gorgeous revival of this project’s unique blend of otherworldly and earthy qualities, with uplifting melodies, ripping sound waves, echoing voices, evocative harmonies, and vibrant rhythms.

As Prana celebrates their thirtieth anniversary, this vinyl set marks a turning point for the project and a refresh for the ever-evolving sounds in the psychedelic dance music movement. Be sure to get your copy of this landmark release!


Prana’s founding members Tsuyoshi Suzuki and Nick Taylor started their career in Tokyo in 1990 before moving to London to pursue their musical careers. Their first productions were as the project Blissed, together with Tsuyoshi’s school friend Takehiro Tokuda, before the duo went on to release music under the name Taiyo. Soon after their extended EP on Step2House in 1994, they began to produce their first tracks with the project name Prana on Inter 1 Records and Dragonfly Records the same year. With multiple singles issued on Tsuyoshi’s own label Matsuri Productions, Prana put out their debut album “Cyclone” in 1996, cementing the group’s position as one of the pioneering projects in the Goa Trance movement.

When Nick Taylor moved to Australia in 1995, Andy Guthrie, a member of Banco de Gaia and Medicine Drum, joined Prana. The band released their second album “Geomantik” in early 1997, which was a smash hit in Europe, Israel, and Japan. They stopped their activities for a while after Tsuyoshi moved back to Japan in 2000, but all three members came together for the first time for a special live set at the Matsuri Digital Countdown Party on New Year’s Eve 2013. Since then, they have had several live appearances and their greatest hits have been remixed by major artists new and old, so core Goa Trance fans are as enamoured by the project as ever.

Tsuyoshi and Andy are back in the studio and making new tunes in 2021 and officially band has revived with Nick, Andy and Tsuyoshi all together in 2023. In late 2023, the new track was released, and album is also to be release soon!!