Wildelux - The It Factor


Side A
Enuff Iz Enuff
Slap Fiya (Featuring Skanks The Rap Martyr)
Wildelux, Skanks The Rap Martyr
Wildelux, DJ Rad MK
Masta Builda
Wildelux, DJ Lef_T
BX Marks The Spot
Wildelux, AG Of D.I.T.C.
Side B
Mayor Players
Wildelux, Aarophat, Tek The Supalatin, DJ Lef_T
Puppet Master
Top Of The Line
Wildelux, El Da Sensei, DJ Rad MK
Reign Supreme
Wildelux, AG Of D.I.T.C., Sadat X, DJ M-1
Light In The Rear - View
Tapped Out



The IT Factor will be Wildelux"s last solo album. Many people ask why? Is he going to put out any more music? Is he sick or something? The truth is, with over 30 years in the music industry, he is looking to do something else in the music field. It's not clear as of yet what the next move will be, but he will still be involved in the music somehow, someway. But never mind that. On the last album, Wildelux goes out with a banger of an album with great concepts, in-sync flows, smacking driving production (this time all produced by Wildelux), and dope features. The album was four years in the making with many different variations of the album recorded, re-recorded, trial and error phases, and of course, the 3-year pandemic that made the world stand still. Throughout all those obstacles, Wildelux made a solid piece of work that will hopefully go down in history as a classic album. Time will tell. Wildelux says that the support that has been given over the years and still is given is hugely appreciated. This is not the end, but a new beginning. Stay tuned!
released February 28, 2023

All songs were written and produced and mixed by Wildelux with the exception of tracks 3,6,9,11and 12.

All songs were mastered by Caleb Macken, Waiting Room Productions. Dublin, Ireland

Due to the limited time on each side of the vinyl record and keeping the cost within the budget the songs "Pulse" and "On The Road" have been omitted from the album.

Emcee/ Rapper from the Bronx, New York.
William Berry aka Wildelux{ Pronounced Will Deluxe } was raised in the Bronx NYC, the origin of hip hop. Hip-hop is not just a fad, but a way of life for kids, especially those living in the ghetto of the inner city. After growing up with hip hop and living the life of hip hop, Wildelux decided to take his experience to a higher level. After dealing with the ups and downs of the New York City streets, Wildelux decided to make a move out of state, to broaden his horizon in Music and do it professionally on a worldwide scale. With the help of a good friend, on November 17, 1993, Wildelux moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue his career as a major rap act. Upon arriving in L.A. Wildelux was soon working with big names in the music industry, such as Ice T and the Syndicate crew, Trekan the Governer, Body Snatchas and The Silent Ones and he is now an active member of The Last Kind. Wildelux's Journey in Hip Hop has led him to perform in many locations across the United States as well as overseas in Japan and in Europe. In 2000, Wildeux along with his Last Kind members landed a recording deal with the help of Mike Nardone with Stray Records, which was based out of the bay area. They had a song featured on the "Stray from the Pack" compilation called "Detonator". Soon after The Last Kind recorded their first full-length International release album entitled " Revelations". Revelations was a critically acclaimed album, but due to poor promotions, the album lost steam before it got hot. Stray Records went out of business soon after. Without a deal or a machine behind Wildelux to put out his music, Wildelux took his chances in the independent market. Under his previous moniker Willmatic, Wildelux drop his first ep entitled "Sneak Preview" in 2003. Selling 3,000 copies worldwide, soon opened up many doors to Wildelux exposing him to an International following as well as local. In 2005 Wildelux teamed up with L.A. legend DJ Lord Ron, to drop a 12inch " BX 2LA Konnect part 1& 2, on Storage room productions label. It had the streets buzzing for a whole year and a half. Soon after Will was asked to be featured on Djimon's album entitled ''Real shit". The French producer blessed Will with a track, and thus the song "Bottomless Kids" was born. He also teamed up with Freespeech on the same album to do "I live my life now". Wildelux dropped his first full-length album entitled " Hustlemania " in 2007. This album was three years in the making, and Wildelux teamed up with a bunch of hungry talented producers such as Sentense {half of the incredible production team out of Sweden} Sonic Energy, Djimon out of France, Mega lawge and Dj Lord Ron and many more. With helping hands from Rico Won out of Sweden, and Dj Devastate on the ones and two's reppin Elite Fleet, as well as Derek Strong and Free Speech, Will's sole purpose was to bring good and exciting hip hop back to the forefront. In 2008, he continued his quest of releasing good music with a free downloadable ep entitled “ The Transformation EP” with production from Dj Lord Ron, Djimon, Bill Ca$h, Ant Black, Mega Lawge, and The German sensation Suff Daddy. Blessing ears with 8 tracks of listening pleasure. He also had features with Sentense on his album, “Sentense Presents Moods and Moments” and also another hungry up-and-coming producer out of Sweden by the name of Marc Swing on the “ The Global Grind Mixtape Volume One”. He has since been putting in serious work from the mid-'90s until now. The hunger in him doesn`t seem to die and he keeps expanding his musical influences to the far corners of the earth. Be prepared for more Good hip-hop music coming your way in the near future.

You can check for him at: